The House Feels A Little Crowded Lately

Over the past couple of weeks, the activity at our house has been picking up. I don't know if it was because it was getting closer to Halloween, the spirits were feeding off my stress levels leading up to the Marine Corps Ball, or maybe the spirit(s) in the house are feeling more comfortable with us. Whatever it is, things have definitely been interesting. 

Talking To Spirits

Since my blog post last month about the three most common questions my facebook messenger and email have blown up with questions and comments about talking to spirits and using an Ouija board. I decided to address some of the questions, comments, and concerns that were shared with me. 

The Maco Light

When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade I was selected for an Academically Gifted class for legends and ghost stories. As a kid, this was awesome because each week I was pulled out of class to discuss local legends and ghost lore. As you already know this was right up my alley and I thank my background already established by my parents for letting me ace so high on the test that allowed me to be a part of this program. 

Should You Investigate By Yourself?

The usual response I get when I get done telling someone about one of my adventures is "Weren't you scared to be alone?". Since I have grown up with spirits and have yet to come across that truly scared, I'm not afraid to go alone. Yes, I prefer when my husband can go with me because I either don't trust the area (humans are scary and unpredictable) or because I like having someone else experience the same thing as me. Plus I love his company. But this is one of those topics where I say "do as I say, not as I do". I know myself, my limitations, and my abilities. I trust my gut and know how to think on my feet if something happens while I am on my own. But honestly even I probably shouldn't investigate by myself. 

Learning Tarot

Growing up, I remember randomly finding tarot cards around our house. It wasn't the whole deck but just a random card or two stuck in between books or in a closet. They belonged to my dad. He had a french Rider Tarot deck that he carried while he was in the military. He told me not to use them and that he stopped reading them before he got out of the military. A few weeks ago while at Beads and Botanical, I found the English version of the same deck. I decided to try learning how to read Tarot cards. I bought the deck thinking it would allow me to tap into the same spirits guides or whatever that helped my dad. Either way, it is a connection to him.

Just Like The Living, The Dead Will Go To Work

If you have ever owned your own business, you know how much work goes into just maintaining the business. Besides this blog, I have a few businesses that I mentioned that I do because I love to stay busy and because I have a variety of interests. Just to make things even more interesting and busy, I just accepted a job offer as Manager at Claire's at the mall here in Champaign. Claire's was one of my happy places in Japan and now it will be here as well. Plus I have a jewelry cabinet I need to fill with beautiful jewelry. But I think the thing I'm most excited about is being able to wear my various cat ears again like I used to wear often in Japan. I get to be Japanese cute again and no one can judge me!!! I start officially next week. If you're at the mall, swing by and say hey! 

The Devil’s Tramping Ground

Growing up in North Carolina, I heard about a lot of different legends and ghost stories. One of the more notorious that was localish to Chapel Hill was the Devil's Tramping Ground in Chatham County. The Devil's Tramping Ground is just a barren area in the middle of the forest south Siler City. It's a short walk from Devil's Tromping Grounds Rd so this is an easy place to go check out. 

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