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101 in 1001

I love reading other people’s blog. It’s a look into other people’s world. I love reading about what their lives are like, what recipes they cook with, what movie or books that loved/ hated, and what advice they have to dole out.

While reading a blog (Southern Soul) I came across a post that Brittany had written that was called 101 in 1001. It was 101 goals she had that she wanted to complete in 1001 days. It inspired me to make my own list of goals.

Begins: February 16, 2016
Ends: November 13, 2018

strikethrough = completed, italicized = in progress, date completed in parentheses

  1. Start a business
  2. Learn to paint
  3. Read 30 books
  4. Learn how to do a dance
  5. Write a book
  6. Lose 50 pounds
  7. Blog 5x a week for 3 months
  8. Travel to another country
  9. Go to Harry Potter World
  10. See a whale in person
  11. Pet a deer
  12. Complete a 30 day Love Language challenge with Jeremy
  13. Learn how to make a Japanese meal
  14. Have professional photos done in Japan
  15. Sing at a Japanese karaoke bar
  16. Do 5 random good deeds in one day for strangers
  17. Give up soda for a month
  18. Learn how to make macaroons
  19. Have a baby/ adopt a child
  20. Reach 10,000 followers on my blog
  21. Unplug from electronics for a week
  22. Visit New Orleans
  23. Sell 100 Jewelry In Candles candles or tarts
  24. Write 5 new penpals (and get letters back)
  25. Learn how to run a mile
  26. Own a Mac laptop or desk top
  27. Wear makeup everyday for week
  28. Make a new friend
  29. Learn what to do at a shrine or a temple
  30. Meet a Geisha
  31. Wear a kimono
  32. Learn a new language
  33. Make a cake from scratch
  34. Write down at least one good thing that happened to me each day for a month
  35. Teach someone new how to play Talisman
  36. Take a tour of the White House
  37. Learn how to make soap
  38. Own a Michael Kors bag
  39. Have a star named after me
  40. Have birthday party
  41. Make homemade ice cream
  42. Have a romantic weekend trip with Jeremy
  43. Go zip lining
  44. Teach someone something new
  45. Have a boudoir photo shoot
  46. Go on a picnic
  47. Go fruit picking
  48. Learn a cultural craft
  49. Go fishing
  50. See a Japanese sports game in person
  51. Go to a Sumo event
  52. Do a fundraiser for a charity
  53. Visit an orphanage
  54. Get a massage
  55. Attend a Japanese tea service
  56. Learn to do a handstand
  57. Learn to do a cartwheel
  58. Go out on a formal date with Jeremy
  59. Have my mom visit me in Japan
  60. Have coffee/ meal with a stranger
  61. Fly in a hot air balloon
  62. Reread all the Harry Potter books
  63. Actually get through an entire Harry Potter Marathon in one week
  64. See one of the giant statues of Buddha in person
  65. Try 100 new recipes
  66. Teach Katniss to walk on a leash
  67. Make a care package for someone
  68. Go back to school
  69. Go a week without wearing jeans
  70. Learn to walk in heels
  71. Meet someone who reads my blog
  72. Meet a celebrity
  73. Buy a new car
  74. Cook dinner from scratch everyday for a week
  75. Learn how to make a dress
  76. Adopt a deployed military person
  77. Have my blog redone by a professional
  78. Read Anna Karenina
  79. Finally decorate my house
  80. Pet a lion or a tiger
  81. Visit Bunny Island
  82. See the snow sculptures in Sapporo
  83. Ride the bullet train
  84. Build a snowman
  85. Have a dinner party
  86. Save $1000
  87. Fill one of my yen banks
  88. Go on a trip by myself
  89. Do a sake tasting
  90. Learn to do 100 squats at one time
  91. Do a paranormal investigation at Suicide Forest
  92. Climb Mount Fuji
  93. Get a Japanese tattoo
  94. Lay flowers at the Atomic Bomb Dome
  95. Keep my sink shined for a week
  96. Learn how to shoot a gun
  97. Use a planner for an entire year
  98. Donate $100 to a charity
  99. Write 500 blog posts
  100. Visit a Japanese castle or historic home
  101. Inspire someone else to make their own 01 in 1001 list

I’ll keep you up to date on how my goals are going. I’m excited to do this!!! Wish me luck!


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