Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well today has been interesting. Lol
Jeremy and I overslept this morning causing us to miss the cats’ appointment. We are going to try again next weekend. Jeremy slept in until 3pm. I worked on wedding stuff. Gracie, our officiant, and I figured out parts of the wedding service. I need to figure out how I want everything to flow. We did decide that since we are going to Japan a sand unity probably wouldn’t be the best thing because Jeremy and I wanted to keep the sand unity set as reminder of our vows. Gracie recommended doing a hand fasting ceremony. I like it because we can get our families to help take part in the ceremony.

After I got done talking to Gracie, Jeremy and I started to get ready for the mystery dinner theater. It was really hot in the house so I asked Jeremy to open the bedroom window so we could have so cool air. I happened to look out the window when he was dealing with curtain. I saw 6 foot high flames in the backyard!!! Our neighbors wooden fence was engulfed in flames. Jeremy raised outside trying to see if the neighbors knew. They didn’t. I called 911 trying not to freak out because my neighbor’s yard is filled with stuff. They had two sheds (one wooden), multiple wood piles, broken down scooters, 30 plus tires all within a few feet from the flames. I knew if those things caught on fire it wouldn’t take anytime at all to spread to the houses. Thankfully the fire department arrived before any of it caught on fire except their largest wood pile. The neighbor behind us had half their lawn burnt. We lucked out and only had a small part burnt.






Once the firetrucks left, Jeremy and I went to the mystery dinner theater. It was a lot of fun. Jeremy got called up to play in a price is right game. He won doll house furniture and a car. I got dragged up for a dance competition. My white girl moves sent me back to my seat in a hurry. I have never gotten up like that before to make a fool of myself. It was nerve wracking but fun. We guessed the wrong killer in the end. We had a lot of fun and I hope we can go to another one these again.


All in all it was an awesome Valentines Day.

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