How To Love Your Man

The Idiot Mom

I long ago realized that it is not at all difficult to satisfy your man; but it takes humility to do so.

Look at him with kindness, tenderness, and admiration for all the sacrifices he also has made for you, even if you think you could count them all with your fingers. Perhaps more than half of all he has done had gone unnoticed because you were so focused on the sacrifices YOU had to make.

Look at him with compassion for he bore enough female hormones in his lifetime having to bear your everyday tantrums and mood swings. His ears are hanging by a thread by your innate desire to speak out all your feelings EVERY single time. He also has gone through so much silent treatments from you for reasons only-God-knows. The pitiful man forever remains clueless why you once got so upset when he checked his watch…

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  1. Real insight about it not being hard to love your man but it takes humility. Pride does play a big part in one’s selfishness. I’ve been married almost 62 years. Looking back, I count my blessings that he put up with me – and that I put up with him!


    1. I wish I could take credit for this post but someone else wrote this. Her words were something to remember and I added it so I could find it easily and share with y’all. I hope we are married as long as y’all have been. What is one piece of advice you recommend for someone just starting out in marriage?


    1. I wish I could take credit for this post but a genius woman named Inah. She has a blog called “Idiot Mom’s Guide To Imperfection”. I HIGHLY recommend reading/ following her blog. She is awesome sauce.

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      1. Thanks!! I will definitely check her out. Love her blog name!😀
        PS: I’m happy to know I’m not the only one who uses the words “awesome sauce” as I receive quite a lot of good natured teasing lol! 😄 xx 🌹


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