A-Z Challenge: Crafts

One of the things I’m really looking forward to now that I don’t have to worry about working is getting back to crafting. I love doing creative things. It amazes me every time I make something.


Last Christmas I made a bunch of these stocking boards for extra Christmas money. Hooks would be attached to the bottom to hang stockings. I may make them again in Japan since the homes there don’t have fireplaces to hang stockings on.


I love embroidering. Its something quiet and peaceful. I just wish my cats would quit stealing my string so I can finish this piece. Its suppose to be a pillowcase with embroidery going down one side.



This is my favorite piece. This is a mermaid bra. I saw online that some people make these for cosplay. I figured I could try making one too. I will probably try to sell this once I’m done. Its made with seed beads and fake pearls. Since the wedding I have started beading it again. It is taking forever because I’m trying to make sure the beads are secure before moving on to the next one. I would hate for a string to pop and lose half the bra. I will post more pictures as I finish it.


This is a painting I made at my bachelor party. It was one of those wine and paint parties. It was so much fun. I definitely want to do it again before we go to Japan.

4 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: Crafts

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  1. I love your crafts, especially the embroidering and the painting. πŸ™‚ Too bad we don’t live closer or we could make stuff together. I have a whole shelf of craft supplies but I haven’t had the time to actually make anything.

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    1. If the Marine Corps had been kind we would have gotten Pendleton. Then me and you could have actually hung out once in a while. You’re creative. Maybe you should make web themes for me to use . πŸ˜‰


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