A-Z Challenge: Elephants

Yesterday Jeremy took me out on our first date as a married couple. I live the circus. My favorite part of the circus has always been the elephants.


The elephants tonight were amazing. The are so big and yet graceful in a klutzy sort of way.



It brought back memories of when my parents use to take me to the Ringling Brothers Circus as a kid. The elephants and other animals would parade across the street from the train to the arena. I wish traditions like that were still around for my kids to witness. It was part of the magic of the circus.

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  1. I suppose you have heard that this is the last year Ringling Bros. will be showing elephants. I had read the news about a month before I took my kiddos this year. I was extremely disappointed when we were met at the entry by a rally of Elephant cruelty protesters at the door handing out pamphlets on the overdramatized inhumane way elephants are treated by circuses. I was disgusted. You already won, why can’t we just enjoy our final trip in peace? Seriously. I’m going to write a blog about it soon, it’s in my queue for my mom blog I keep.

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    1. Wow. I hadn’t heard about that. 😦 It won’t be the same without the elephants.

      I can’t activists like that. PETA and groups like them only protest to cause drama. They fake videos of worse case scenarios and don’t really look into who they are protesting. They just want to stir up drama and be the middle of attention. I can’t stand them at all.

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    1. Thanks! I like E is for Espionage post! I love Bourne movies!!! Not so much a 007 fan. Bourne can think on his feet without gadgets. 007 is a government issued batman without the cape.


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