Just An Update

So I have gotten some messages asking if everything is okay because my writing style seems off. Everything is okay. Two days ago I had a wisdom tooth pulled. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt as bad as expected. I just wish someone had warned me about the god awful noises that you hear when they pull a tooth. I have never heard something as bad as the breaking and grinding noise that I heard while the dentist pulled out the tooth.

I’m not in pain in more (that is if I don’t run my mouth like I use to) so I have stopped taking the vicodin that I have been taking for the past two days. Now that I can type with a clear head, my writing style should be back to normal. Sorry it went wonky for a day or two but I do appreciate that y’all pay enough attention to notice that sort of thing.

I have some cool stuff to update y’all on and some yummy new recipes to share with you. I’ll post those in a few hours. First I have to head off to an overseas pcs class. Fun times!

Thanks again for those who messaged me. For anyone that would like to message me, email me anytime at stillkelz@gmail.com. I respond quickly.

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