A-Z Challenge: India

One of my dreams is to go to India. Everything I have seen of India has been beautiful. The color, the celebrations, the locations, and the people seem so cheerful and beautiful. Its probably wrong but I imagine people singing and dancing in street with beautiful clothes in rich colors. I may have watched too many Bollywood movies.

Some of my favorite pictures I have found through various Google searches. I love to have different backgrounds for my laptop. Typically its either something related to India or my favorite Bollywood movie, Saawariya.










5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: India

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  1. I went to India for a few weeks, once. I would like to go again. It was the first ‘third world’ country I had been do and was somewhat culture shocked. Need to go again and see it for what it is. It is colourful, beautiful, horrific, devine, smelly, everything that can be thrown at the senses… it isn’t Bollywood. But it is an amazing experience.

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  2. India is a very good county to be visited.. I liked the things you reached through Google… I never thought people around the world have a desire of visiting India . You are always Welcome to my Country.. Do visit!!!


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