Alexander Gordon Taylor

I think with it being Memorial Day it is appropriate to introduce y’all to Al. A while back I told y’all about the ghost we have. One of the ghost is actually attached to a ring my father gave me. The ghost’s name is Al. I mentioned briefly Al’s story but now seems more appropriate to go more in depth.

Al was born Alexander Gordon Taylor in Harrisburg, PA. He worked as an electrician and at the local newspaper with his brother in the late 1930’s. After marrying his wife, Ava or Eva (we have seen both names in our research), Al joined the Navy Reserves. He served aboard the USS Rall.



In April, 1945 the USS Rall was escorting other ships off the coast of Okinawa due to reports of Japanese sub being in the area. On the morning of  April 12th there was a report of Japanese aircraft in the area of the USS Rall. A while later the report was canceled because of lack of aircraft in the area. A few hours after it was canceled, four Japanese planes began to attack the USS Rall. The USS Rall was able to take down three of the planes. The fourth plane crashed into the deck of the USS Rall. The plane’s 500 pound bomb ripped through the lower decks before exploding.

The wreckage of the kamikaze plane on the USS Rall

Nineteen men lost their lives that day including Al. Two men lost their lives in the days following.


Today isn’t about BBQing or alcohol or parties. Today is about remembering those that paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could BBQ and party with friends.

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