Meet Our Ghosts: Al (Part Two)

In my previous post I introduced you to Al… well, George as he was originally known by. As I had mentioned, it took a few years before I learned who he really was. This post is about how I learned about him.

Shortly after I moved out the apartment I noticed that the tapping on the windows and walls had followed me. Out of habit I would say hi to George and it would usually stop. A few years later I started working with a paranormal team based out of Wilmington, NC. They were just starting out and I was helping them find and train new members. I would commute down every other weekend or so from my Dad’s house (where I was currently living) to Wilmington. I went on a few investigations with them. They were the first team that I worked with to have an ovilus. It quickly became my favorite tool to use because it allowed me to talk George. Often though during investigations George proved to be a prankster. He would imitate supposed spirits of the area just to get talk time on the ovilus. Eventually I would catch on because to date, he is one of two to actually make the ovilus speak two or three-word phrases most of the time. I would call him out and tell him that he needed to let the other spirits speak. I don’t know if it was because he could show the other spirits how to use the equipment or they felt more comfortable because George was there, but we always got more evidence when George was on the investigations with us.

George definitely proved to protective of me at times. I remember one investigation in Virginia. We hadn’t even really started the investigation when stuff started happening. We were all sitting around the dining table get our equipment ready (checking batteries, making sure cameras were working, testing voice recorders, etc.). I remember that evening I was feeling kind of down. I was dealing with a break up and hadn’t quite shaken that off yet. While I was checking my equipment one of the investigators on the team who was testing the video recorder gasp and started recording me. I was confused and looking around the group. Everyone was staring at me. Even our hosts. It was then I realized I felt movement on my hair which was weird because I had it up in a bun and hairband as was the usual at that point for investigations. After a few moments the girl holding the video camera showed me what she recorded. On the video she captured my headband coming up backwards off my head before moving forward to sit like a crown on my head. I reached up and my headband was still sitting like that. Don’t ask me how I knew it, but I knew George had done that to try and cheer me up. I don’t have access to the video anymore because I broke ties with that group once I found out that the leader of the group liked to fake a lot of his evidence to get more likes and follows on social media.

Later that night we were doing an EVP session with the ovilus in one of the upstairs rooms. I was sitting on the floor by a courting couch. We started jokingly asking questions if one of the ghosts wanted to sit on the couch with one of us. When it came time for me to ask if the spirit wanted to sit with me the ovilus said yes. So, I followed up with did they want to court me since it was a courting couch. The ovilus stayed quiet. The leader of the group then asked if he should sit on the couch with me. The ovilus very quickly said no. So, the leader asked if he could court me since the spirit didn’t want to (which was creepy in the fact that he was twice my age and on an investigation with his live-in girlfriend). All of the sudden the ovilus let out a HIGH-pitched screech. While I was recoiling and covering my ears I didn’t see the leader suddenly jump, scream and jump back. He said that he had stood up to check on the ovilus when a large black shadow rushed at him from across the room and went through him. Half the group actually witnessed it as well. At the time I didn’t know it was George until later when George did that to someone else and to me a couple of times. I know it sounds scary, but I now know it was his way of protecting me from someone.

It was about another year before I figured out that George was actually Al. The group was actually at Jeremy’s house conducting an investigation and George was coming through the ovilus very strongly. He refused to give up microphone so to speak. So, we took opportunity to really talk to him and have him tell us about himself. That’s when he told us name was Al. Then he started saying the word Rall on repeat. We didn’t know what it meant so we broke our rules and broke out our cell phones to start googling what he was saying. Finally, we found out about a naval ship called the USS Rall. Upon further investigating we found out that one of the crew members killed on the ship was named Alexander Gordon Taylor. While talking to the spirit we now know was Al, Al told us more information about himself that we were able to confirm online. He was from Pennsylvania (like Jeremy and my dad). I asked Al why he chose to watch over me. The ovilus responded with ring. That’s when I remembered that right before I moved into the apartment my dad had given me a ring that he had worn since he was 18 years old. I asked Al if he was attached to that ring and he said yes. I asked him why. The ovilus said “Dad. Crazy. Ass. Safe.” I asked if he meant my dad was a crazy ass (ass is definitely not programmed in the ovilus). The ovilus responded with “Yes. Now safe”. So I asked it “Do you mean you kept my dad safe?” “Yes.”

List of the dead

It was later I find out that on April 12th, 1945 a kamikaze pilot crashed into the USS Rall which caused Al’s death. Later the ship was taken to Charleston, SC and sold for scraps. Some of those scraps ended up on the USS Iwo Jima which launched April 12th, 1965. Twenty years to the day that Al was killed. My dad served on the USS Iwo Jima during Vietnam. When I told Dad about Al and what he said during the investigation my dad agreed with Al that he was a crazy ass in Vietnam. He often took on missions that others shied away from because of the danger. Dad also said that he lived through stuff he shouldn’t have. His superiors thought he had a death wish but my dad survived Vietnam. He was one of the lucky ones that made it home. Even after he got out of the military, my dad was in situations that he shouldn’t have made it out of as a police officer. We both started wondering if that was because of Al watching over him. Either way Dad was happy that I had someone else watching over me.

Once I realized who Al really was I started doing some research on him. I wasn’t able to find much but I did find out that he was from Harrisburg, PA. He had a wife and possibly children. He was a Navy reservist. Once we are stateside I want to go to Harrisburg to do more research on him and try to find his family. I know he would love to see them and know they are okay. When Jeremy and I had talked about going before to Pennsylvania, I happened to look out the window of our old front door. I couldn’t see clearly because of the way the glass was cut but I could see what looked like a man dress in Navy dress whites standing at the door. The man did a sharp turn (like the kind you see military members do) and walk away. I ran to the door and opened it thinking someone had walked up to the door and was leaving. Our doorbell didn’t work at the time and the person may not have known that. I went onto the porch and realized there was no one there. No one on the street and no cars leaving. I honestly think it was Al.

Speaking of stateside, I know Al will be happy to be out of Japan. He has shown up a few times while we were here, but he definitely isn’t happy about it. In fact, before we moved here, Jeremy, his friend Seth, and I sat down to talk to Al. We recorded most of the conversation. I have the video of it below. You can see how he has a unique speech pattern with the ovilus. The fact that he runs so many words together quickly (which you aren’t supposed to be able to do with an ovilus) usually alerts me to when it’s Al talking versus another spirit. Please excuse the screaming at the end. Right before the screaming you’ll hear the ovilus say “turn around”. What we didn’t realize at the time was that my black cat, Kali Ma, was walking behind me and jumped up on the table. Having a black shadow launch itself into your face in the dark usually scares anyone. So, me and two Marines started screaming when Kali Ma startled us.

I’m so appreciative of Al. He shows me kindness when I need it, tough love when I need it, and protects me from others he thinks are trying to harm me. I have more Al stories to share but those are for another day.

In my next post I’ll tell y’all about how Jeremy and I accidentally adopted a spirit that makes it impossible to have a pet sitter.

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