Meet Our Ghosts: My Dad

A few months after Jeremy and I moved to Japan, my Dad passed away suddenly. He was a great man and I miss him a lot. Even though it’s been 2.5 years, I sometimes still struggle with it.

Dad In Chicago

When Dad was alive he spoke often to us about how he and his brother always said that if they could come back after they died, they would come back, and they would let their families know they were there. Dad had told us that would need to watch for signs that he was visiting.

Mom and Dad
Mom Dad and Magan
Me Dad and Magan
Dad and Me

The spring after Dad passed away, Mom flew out to Japan to visit me and Jeremy. I really appreciated her coming out and we really had a lot of fun showing her around Japan. While Mom was here, she helped us start gardens on our balconies. We had a flower garden off the living room and a veggie garden off the bedroom.

A couple of weeks after Mom flew back home, Jeremy and I were busy watering our gardens. Jeremy and Katniss were on the balcony off the living room while Bagheera was on the back balcony watering the veggies. While I was watering the plants, I heard a music box playing. I didn’t pay it much attention at first because I was focused on the plants and making sure tiny Bagheera (he was 3 or 4 months old at the time) didn’t slip through the balcony bars. We are on the 3rd floor and black cats can’t fly. By the time I finished with the plants, the music box had been playing for 5 or 10 minutes straight. I called Jeremy to the bedroom because I realized it was a jewelry box that I didn’t even know was a music box playing the music. I started recording a video when he joined me in the room because I was really confused by what was going on. In the video below, you can see as we try to problem solve what was going on. We realized that the memorial card from his funeral was in the jewelry box. I also remember that a lock of his hair, a cross necklace that has some of his ashes in it, one of his handkerchiefs, and pocket knife were in the taller jewelry cabinet below it. The music wouldn’t stop until we actually said the word stop.

Later that summer I somehow lost the necklace that had my Dad’s ashes in it. I keep it in the tall jewelry cabinet in our bedroom when I’m not wearing it. Jeremy and I looked everywhere in the apartment. I retraced my steps all over base. I even filed a report with PMO because we couldn’t find it anywhere. I was so upset. I couldn’t understand where it was. A few weeks went by with no sign of it. During that time, we ended up getting a new mattress. Some friends were moving and didn’t want to take their king size mattress, so we bought it from them to replace our queen size bed. Jeremy went to the old mattress and box springs out of the room when he found the necklace! Somehow and neither one of us knows how, the necklace ended up in the middle of the bed under the box springs. It might not seem that odd until you find out that thanks to DMO, we didn’t have a bed frame for the mattress and box springs. Our bed set was flat on the ground. So how did my necklace with has my dad’s ashes in it get under the bed??? We have no idea. I still have no idea. If it was under the mattress I could theorize that it may have gotten knocked under there when I was changing the sheets, but it was under the box springs. I never lift the box springs. Katniss was barely a year old and Bagheera barely 6 months old. They couldn’t have put it under there. I know Jeremy didn’t do it. He saw how devastated I was when it was missing.

Last Picture with Dad

Last summer, before we adopted Rampu, my friend, Charleen, and I decided to go out to Kikko Park around 1am to ghost hunt. It was the first I was using the ovilus since Dad passed away. I hadn’t used it because I was afraid he would come through and I didn’t know if I could handle it. At Charleen’s suggestion, I was recording our sessions in Kikko park that night. We had been out there for about an hour before I started recording the video below. I realized it was him when he kept saying Jackie and Jack. That is a family nick name he had. I stopped recording pretty quickly after realizing it was him because I wanted to call my sister. I managed to Facetime her while Dad was talking through the ovilus. Magan could tell it was him as well. We were both a wreck while we talked to Dad. Magan was at work so she couldn’t stay on the phone for very long, but it felt good to share the experience with her.

Remember in my previous post how I told you about Rampu scaring Cashe by turning on by itself? Jeremy and I are kind of wondering if it might be my dad controlling it right now. Since Jeremy left for recruiting Rampu has been on. This is the longest that he has been active in one session. The reason we think it might be Dad is because when Magan or I lived at his house and were out for the evening, Dad would leave the porch light on for us. Magan and her roommate, Chris, who now live in Dad’s house, say that on more than one occasion when either she or Chris were away on vacation, the porch light would stay on despite no one turning the light on. Jeremy being away at recruiting school has been the longest (2 months) he and I have been separated since we first started dating. Either it’s Dad using the lamp to let me know I’m not alone and leaving a light on for Jeremy or Rampu is the one letting me know I’m not alone. Whoever it is, I am grateful that someone is here keeping me company.

Praying on our wedding Day

So now you have met our ghostly cast of characters. I have many more stories to share about each one but at least now you have a least a brief understanding of who they are.

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