Investigation: Marine Corps Recruiting School

While Jeremy was in recruiting school, he let it be known that he was a paranormal investigator. Of course, that immediately lead everyone to start asking questions and telling him places to investigate. Surprisingly, most people started telling him about how the school house itself was haunted. Jeremy had to wait until he had duty to try to hold an investigation. Unfortunately, he did not have any of our equipment with him. These are his notes on the investigation (he prefers doing his notes in this style like they have him do at his work) and his pictures he took with his cell phone.

WHO- Jeremy Stillwagon (2 Marines were also present due to having to stand duty alongside me)

WHAT – Paranormal Investigation of the Basic Recruiter’s Course schoolhouse on Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California

WHEN – May 20, 2018 @ 2333 – May 21, 2018 @0013

WHERE – Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California

WHY – Upon checking into the Basic Recruiter’s Course there were multiple cases of not only the students, but the instructors, claiming that the schoolhouse was haunted. One student claimed that while he was on duty he heard banging coming from the second floor of the schoolhouse. The room in which he was standing watch in was on the first floor. The student went to investigate the banging and while walking the second deck he heard a door slam shut behind him. Immediately upon hearing the door slam he claims to have heard what sounded like footsteps racing down the hallway away from him. Another instructor claims that while he was working late on the second floor he could hear footsteps pacing outside his balcony door (this balcony is made of hollow wood and can produce loud sounds from small impacts). When he looked outside he could not see anyone and no one else was in the schoolhouse.

HOW – At 2330 I made my way from the duty room on the first floor up the ladder well up to the second floor where the most activity was reported. After walking the hallway back and forth taking pictures I began to have a feeling that I was being watched. After having this feeling, I turned on the flashlight on my phone and saw a glimpse of a shadow moving into the classroom immediately to my left. I followed the shadow into the room and was startled to find nothing but the desks and chairs of an empty classroom. After walking into the middle of the hallway, which is about a quarter mile long I stood in place waiting to see if I could recreate the feeling of the shadow being nearby but after 10 minutes of standing still nothing happened except the sound of the wind blowing up against the windows causing them to vibrate and the sounds of car horns and engines from the road outside the school. The balcony was locked by the instructors, so I could not have access to those, but I was able to recreate the scenario of sitting in the same seat as the instructor that heard the pacing on the balcony. I sat in his seat for 5 minutes and was unable to hear anything around me other than the wind and vehicles. I then moved downstairs and was standing in the center of the first floor of the school to try and hear the banging above me that was reported by the students. After waiting for 10 minutes nothing happened outside the wind blowing into the doors and windows and causing light banging noises.

Please click on the images below to see full size image

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