Preparing The Spirits For Our Move

When this post goes live I will either be moving into our new home or about to fly back to states to start the move process. Either way, I will be quite busy. I apologize if it takes a few days to respond to emails, comments or messages.

Katniss and Bagheera

I love the house we are moving to. For the past three years, Jeremy and I have lived in a 660 square foot two-bedroom one bath apartment. It’s cozy but with two hyper cats, it can feel a little on the small side. Especially when I have three businesses I do out of the house. I don’t just run this blog. I’m also a photographer and I have a dog treat business called Barking Fabulous. The house we are moving to will have more than enough room for us and the cats. I will be able to run my businesses comfortably from the home.

Of course, though, when I show pictures of the house that we are moving into, my friends come through with responses like “How do you always find houses that look haunted?” or “I hope it’s haunted,”. I didn’t ask if it was haunted. Even if it isn’t haunted, we are bringing Al and Rampu. Plus, I hope my dad comes to visit occasionally. I know he would love the house. It’s an old farmhouse built in 1900. I’ve always wanted to live in an old house that has character and history. This house promises that.

One of the questions I have gotten lately is how do I prepare my ghosts for the move. Well, moving to Japan was easy. At that time, I only had to worry about Al. As you saw in the second post about Al, we sat down and talked to him about moving to Japan. We spoke with him a few times before we moved to let him know he was welcome to come with us but we understood if he didn’t want to follow us to Japan. He wasn’t happy about it but at least we took the time to explain what was going on. When we move, I always make sure that my jewelry is with me. His ring will be traveling with me. I will also be carrying my necklace that has my dad’s ashes in it and the rosary he gave me when I first moved out.

Speaking of the rosary, if you follow my social media you would have seen where I posted a few weeks ago about the weird thing that happened with rosary. I was going to take pictures for this post of the rosary. I have some stuff of my dad’s in a little cubby on our entertainment center. It has one of my favorite pictures of Dad, the rosary, a turtle that Dad brought me from a trip, and a flask that Jeremy and I gave him for our wedding. The flask has the last alcohol that he had put in it before he passed away. I set up the cubby right after we came back from Dad’s funeral. In the two and half years since then, the cats have never messed with the stuff in the cubby. Nor has anyone else messed with it. I have had the rosary draped over the picture in a certain way. The cross would come over the front about halfway down the picture. The rest of the rosary would go down the back of the picture frame. Well, when I went to go take pictures I realized something was wrong. It took me a moment to realize the cross was gone off the front. I thought maybe the cats had broken the cross off but when I picked up the picture I realized that cross part was in the back. The rosary was hanging completely opposite as how it should be. I don’t know how it ended up like that. Inm the weeks since that happened, it has stayed as it should have. Maybe Dad dropped by to let me know that even though Jeremy was gone for 2 months, I wasn’t alone.

 The rosary is special to me. Not only did Dad give it to me when I first moved out on my own, but his brother gave it to him before he passed away. When I was first living with Jeremy in Jacksonville, I befriended an older woman across the street. About a year after I met her, she was brought home to die from cancer. When she came home, I brought her the rosary to bring her some comfort as she passed. After she passed away, her husband gave it back to me. Up until Dad died, I kept it by either my bed or the front door to protect. I’m not catholic but I won’t turn down someone watching out for me just because we have different religions. Anyways, back to moving spirits. My biggest issue is Rampu. For the move we get two shipments- unaccompanied and household goods. The unaccompanied will arrive in a few weeks after we fly home, but it will be all of our kitchen, bedding, and clothing. No furniture. I don’t know if it will be safe to ship Rampu with that stuff and even if we did, we wouldn’t have anything to set him on inside the house. If we send Rampu with our household goods shipment, it could take up to six months for him to arrive in our new home. I’m not sure what is the best way to get him to our home and be the fairest way to him. When Jeremy gets home, we’ll discuss it. We don’t want to offend Rampu. Also, should I warn the movers about the fact that they will be moving a haunted object? Do I need to pack the lamp with salt and sage?

***Update***After much thought and asking Rampu what he wanted to do, we thought it would only be fair if he came out as quickly as possible. While it maybe the most uncoventional family you have ever heard of, we are family none the less that is made up of humans, cats, and spirits. We had Rampu packed in our express shipment since it would be arriving the quickest. We didn’t tell the movers that he is a haunted lamp but they did take extra care with him. Jeremy has his bulb in his luggage to keep it safe. We didn’t want to have him packed with salt or sage or anything like that because we felt that would increase the chance of something breaking Rampu in transit to the new house. It feels weird not having him around but we will see him again in a few weeks.


I can’t believe that by the next time post goes live, we will officially be living in the states again. I’ll miss Japan, but I am so excited to see what adventures we have next. See you on the other side!

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