Why We Choose To Live With Spirits (And How)

One question Jeremy and I receive the most often is “Why do you choose to live with ghosts?”. I know that seems odd especially considering how all the shows seem to show ghosts and spirits either terrifying the residents or being a nuisance to the residents or the people working in the business. That’s one of the MANY things I hate about those shows but I will get into those things at a later date.

Our spirits are our friends. They comfort us when we need it. They let us know we aren’t alone. They are a friend to talk to when we need someone to talk to. They also make us smile and laugh. Who wouldn’t want to have that in their lives?

We welcome any spirit into our home that doesn’t mean us harm. To us, our spirits are like roommates or visitors just passing through. Sometimes it can seem like a madhouse between the knocking on the walls, lights flickering, music boxes playing, and cats running through the house but to us, this is our odd little family. We have rules for our spirits which isn’t too unusual because we have house rules for humans and pets as well.

Our main rules for our anything in our home are as followed:

1) Do no harm to us, our spirits, our guests, or our pets. 

We don’t tolerate anyone (human, spirit, or animal) harming anyone.

2) Do not intentionally provoke or scare us, our spirits, our guests, or our pets.

This is our home. Do not try to scare or provoke any one in our home. That includes people trying to provoke our spirits and our spirits trying to provoke or scare the humans.

3) Treat everyone with respect. 

We don’t care what your beliefs or religion is. We will treat you with respect as long as you treat us with respect.

If anyone breaks those three rules we remove them from house. Most people we have met will respect us and our pets, but you wouldn’t believe how many people try to provoke or insult our spirits because they want to see something paranormal. Our spirits are not trained monkeys or dogs that do tricks on command. If our spirits choose to show themselves to someone, that is up to the spirits. We have broken ties with people who tried to provoke or insult our spirits. This is their home, you don’t just go into someone’s home and try to fight them or insult them. I mean I know reality television shows and those paranormal shows that sometime but come on. This is the real world and these spirits have real feelings. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t make them less real.

We also hold our pets to these the rules as well. Yes, we have cats and cats are known to be divas, but they understand but ours are actually well behaved. Yes, they get put in time out when they misbehave but it’s rare that they need that. Usually it’s when Bagheera forgets he’s not a Lannister. Don’t worry. They are both fixed.

If a spirit breaks one of our main rules, we will impose a penalty on them as well. For example, there was a period of time where Rampu would only flash when something scary was going on the TV. It seemed as though he was trying to intimidate us. We warned him that he would be be put in time out if he kept doing it that night. Rampu did, so we unplugged the lamp for a week. He learned his lesson and doesn’t flash on or off when watching scary movies. Yes, we aren’t afraid to put our spirits in time out. Of course, if we need to permanently remove the spirit, we have methods of doing that. I will explain how to do that in a later post. I know it sounds weird to give rules to spirits but it really does help. It’s almost like having toddlers. You can’t always communicate with them but if you are consistent with fair and understandable rules and fair consequences, the spirits can learn how to live harmoniously with people (and vice versa).

Our rules work for us and our house. We are all able to live in peace. Do any of y’all live with spirits like we do? What do you do to keep the peace? I would love to hear what works or doesn’t work for y’all.G

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