Cats, Chats, and Toilet Ghosts

When I talk to people about what it’s like living with spirits, one thing that is often brought up is how animals seem to interact with spirits. I have heard a lot of people say that animals always seem to be more preceptive to spirits but honestly, I have witnessed animals are about as sensitive as humans. Some will acknowledge activity that is going on and some just seem oblivious to what is going on.

When Jeremy and I lived in Jacksonville, NC we had a few cats. Well… more than a few. At one point we had five cats and a dog. Kali Ma, Sansa, and Thirteen seemed to ignore all the activity in the house. Occasionally Gizmo would react to something we couldn’t see or hear. He was also targeted by the spirits. As mentioned in an earlier post, one of the spirits actually throw a small stone at him from the mantel when he was walking across the room. Joffrey (aka Bubby) would really react to something. He would wake from a deep sleep and watch something cross the room before going back to sleep. He would also walk around the house looking up like someone was walking beside him and he would chatter at them. During a recent phone call with my mom I found out that he is doing the same thing at her house. People have said that a previous owner haunts my mom’s house, and everyone calls the spirit Grandma (we aren’t related to her).


When we moved to Japan and adopted Katniss and Bagheera, I was interested in seeing how they would react to spirits. Bagheera doesn’t pay them any attention. Even when Rampu is turning into a disco ball, he couldn’t care less. Katniss, on the other hand, seem to be just as interactive with the spirits as Joffrey was. At night, when Jeremy and I had gone to bed we would sometimes leave the bedroom door open, so the cats could come and go while we sleep. Most nights we would watch Katniss sit in the hallway and chatter to something in the bathroom for hours. Judging by the way she looked at it, it had to have been as tall as Jeremy or me. She would dart in and out of the bathroom like she was playing with someone. She would also take toys into the bathroom. At first, we thought she was doing it so she could play with them in the bathtub but after our toilet broke, we realized she was bringing them to someone. The toilet in our bathroom was crap. The lid would pop off way too easily and we got tired of fixing it, so we left it off. We started waking up in the morning to find Katniss’ yellow balls floating in the toilet. We were confused at first but as we watched her at night (by we, I really mean me dealing with insomnia). Katniss would take her balls into the bathroom and then make her meow that means “throw the ball”. Katniss’ favorite game is playing fetch. She will do it repeatedly until she is too tired to move. She has a very distinctive meow she uses when she brings someone a ball and they don’t throw fast enough. She was making this meow noise at the toilet!

Well, as joke, Jeremy and I said that since we were in Japan that she must be talking to and playing with a toilet demon. When this kept up we actually did some research and found out there are several Japanese spirits and demons associated with toilets. I highly recommend looking into the various toilet spirits and demons. I’m leaning towards it being Kappa that she was playing with. I have seen her bow to people before. Bowing to a spirit or demon that might play with her isn’t too hard for me to imagine. Thankfully though it doesn’t seem like Katniss brought her special friend with her to Illinois. Perhaps it still haunts our bathroom in Yuri Tower. Just a quick fun fact Yuri means lily in Japanese. Yūrei means ghost. Jeremy and I use to joke that we were one letter away from living in a haunted tower.

Katniss and Rampu

Since we moved to Illinois, Katniss seems to only interact with Rampu. On days that he is active she will snuggle with him. Even if she touches him, she doesn’t turn him on or off. She just snuggles up to him like she does with me and sleeps beside him.

We are still trying to figure out Valar Morghulis. It’s hard to tell if he is playing by himself because he is bored or if he is playing with something or someone one. It’s not unusual to see him race across the guest bedroom like he is chasing something but then again, he is a kitten and kittens are much like little kids. They have active imaginations and do weird stuff.

Valar Morghulis

What about y’all? Do your pets seem to interact with something you can’t see? I would love to hear about you and your pets’ experiences in the comments.

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