Little Updates Happening

Things have been busy in the Stillwagon household. Our furniture shipment should finally arrive next week. Well… part of it at least. Crates 1 through 4 and crate 7 have arrived. Hoping crates 5 and 6 decided to show up in time to be delivered the same day. Then a few days after that I am heading to North Carolina! In the meantime I am keeping busy with setting up the house, writing, and stealing quick moments with Jeremy when his schedule allows it. We had a moment yesterday to have a quick lunch together.

Me and Jeremy

I hope y’all are following my social media. This weekend I will be introducing y’all to the newest member of our haunted little family. No, it isn’t another cat. We are maxed out currently at three cats.

Speaking of hauntings, since my last blog post we have experienced some new activity in the house. Last Saturday, while Jeremy was at work, I was taking a nap. I was woken up by a crash from the other room. At first I thought it was the cats playing with each other (or in more actuality, fighting) but I looked across the bed and realized that all three cats were napping on the bed with me. Valar was snuggled up in between the pillows while Katniss and Bagheera were curled up together by the foot of the bed. All three cats were awake and looking out in the hallway like they were startled by the noise as well. I got up to investigate but absolutely nothing was messed up. From the sound of it I was expecting to find boxes knocked over or a cat tree knocked down. Not sure what caused the noise. I really need to dig out our paranormal equipment from our express shipment.

Rampu is still being quiet. It has been almost two weeks since he last turned himself on. I turned him on yesterday just to make sure he was working. I’m starting to wonder if posting the video of him turning on upset him. I honestly miss him turning on and off during the day. It was nice to know I wasn’t all alone while Jeremy was at work. Does anyone know how to cheer up a spirit or haunted lamp? I don’t think he would appreciate candles and chocolates like Jeremy surprised me with last week.


I apologize that this post is shorter than most of my other posts. In the midst of all this unpacking and packing, I am also in the research for an up coming blog post that I hope y’all find interesting. This is actually causing me to drive to various places in Illinois which takes up alot of my time but so far, it’s proving worth it. Hopefully y’all find it as interesting as I do.

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