Meet Elizabeth: Our Haunted Doll

A lot of people have sent me questions about supposedly haunted objects or dolls being sold on eBay and other similar platforms. Since I hadn’t dealt with anything like that personally, Jeremy and I decided to try it out.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about buying haunted objects. If I did, we probably wouldn’t have gotten Rampu. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rampu but at that time I don’t think I was mentally prepared to adopt a haunted lamp. Jeremy and I scrolled through and looked at a few different objects that were listed as haunted on eBay. Mainly we looked at who had a positive selling history, was within our budget, and which ones we felt drawn to. We added a few different dolls to our watch list but when it came down to it, we felt most drawn to Elizabeth.


**I am required as per eBay’s policy on the paranormal to indicate that eBay forbids the sale of intangible items and this listing is for ONLY A TANGIBLE DOLL with NO promise of spirit attached. eBay requires me to say that this is all for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.***

I have aquired lots of very special and active dolls and spirit vessels from the estate of a VERY POWERFUL witch, Ruth. She was a dear friend of mine who left them to me because she knows I will send them to their homes.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth was always such a positive person.

She was an empath and psychic and helped many people.

She would know if somebody was upset and would go make them feel better.

Elizabeth was also an artist.

She will draw pictures for people and just leave them at their doorstep.

They didn’t know her and she would know what to leave for them.

She would leave others perfect presents and brightened up so many peoples lives and they never knew who did it.

But she knew and that is how she lived her life.

She lived her life to give.

To give to others and to make others feel great.

Elizabeth impacted so many lives.

When she was 39 years old Elizabeth passed away.

Her spirit is in this vessel.

She passed away in the year 2000.

She has been in this vessel for a while now.

The vessel has been passed around and she has helped many people.

She asked to be listed because she knows that she will be able to help somebody else.

She says that you will know if you feel very drawn to her.

Elizabeth will leave you presents.

She will leave pictures and flowers and whatever she feels that you need at the moment.

Elizabeth is so great to have around.

She cures depression and just makes you so happy.

If you feel drawn to her then she is yours she is yours

Many Blessings

Love and Light

We ended up with the winning bid for her! She arrived a few days later. The seller had packed her box with plastic shopping bags (and a couple of receipts) to protect her. But thankfully, Elizabeth arrived safely. Ironically, Elizabeth showed up with a package of free dresses from Gwynnie Bee.

We set up a cradle for her in our dressing room for now. Once we have the guest room set up, that will be Elizabeth’s room. If she is a haunted doll, hopefully, she will enjoy the room. No idea yet if she is actually haunted or not but like with Rampu, I think we will figure that out in time. I am waiting until we have the guest room set up before I break out our ghost hunting equipment to try and talk to her. It seems a little rude to do so while we basically have her stashed in an oversized closet. I’ll let you know if anything happens with her.

Have any of y’all purchased haunted objects on eBay? If so, what did you get? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Meet Elizabeth: Our Haunted Doll

  1. I have about 20 haunted dolls there all from eBay.I believe there are a few that are not actually haunted.I do have some that are very active which was my very first doll Xeliona.She moves when held,walks on my bed,noises thru the house.Some of my others do the same thing.


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