The Three Most Common Questions

When I begin talking to people about paranormal stuff, one thing I can almost always count on is being asked three certain questions at some point during the conversation. I figured I would share those questions and my answers with y’all.

1) Why are some people more sensitive to ghosts than others?

I don’t think it’s so much that some people are more sensitive than other people. I’m not talking about mediums or psychics. Just regular people. I’ve noticed that most people that seem sensitive to spirits are those who honestly open themselves up in general. Spirits, like humans, don’t really like to waste their time with people who are closed off from others. It takes a spirit a lot of energy to try and contact someone. Why would they waste it on someone who isn’t open to that message? That’s why children and pets are usually the targets of a spirit’s attention.

If you want to experience ghost activity, you need to work on letting your guard down. I have personally experienced that when there are periods in my life where I have my guard up due to stress, depression, life crud, whatever I experience ghost activity less. I especially noticed a decrease in activity when I was purposely shutting people out of my life. I was inadvertently shutting out the spirits reaching out to me. Once I started welcoming people into my life again I was able to interact with spirits more often.

2) Can spirits follow you?

Yes but not all spirits will follow you. If a ghost is bothering you, just tell it that you don’t want to communicate with them. Usually, spirits will respect that, especially if you are clear and respectfully in your message. If a spirit is still bothering you, you may need to get some outside help to find out why the spirit is intent on getting your attention. Please feel free to contact me if you feel that you need help with a spirit.

3) Do you use an ouija board?

It may seem contradictory because I have Ouija style objects in my home, I do not use Ouija boards. I don’t think they are instruments used to conjure a demon or to open a portal. I don’t use them because it teaches spirits bad habits. When you use a spirit board like an Ouija board, you teach a spirit that moving something is a way to either communicate with you or to get your attention. You may end the conversation by putting the board away but the spirit wasn’t done talking so they will try to move something to get your attention. The more you ignore it or brush it off, the more they are going to try to get your attention. If you react to them moving things but don’t try to continue the conversation, the spirit could become more anxious to try to do more to communicate with you. It’s a bad cycle to get into. That’s why I prefer using a spirit box. They will get use to talking into or manipulating it but they don’t have a way to communicate once the spirit box is turned off.

What questions do you get asked often about ghost hunting? Let me know if you have any questions about these topics, about ghost hunting, or anything paranormal in the comments below.

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