The Haunted House Diaries: Book Review

I recently checked out a book from the library because of the statements written on the front cover. The Haunted House Diaries by William J. Hall has “Ghosts, Aliens, and Holes in Space and Time” and “THE TRUE STORY OF A QUIET CONNECTICUT TOWN IN THE CENTER OF A PARANORMAL MYSTERY” written on the cover. It seemed interesting and, to be completely honest with y’all, a little outlandish. As you know, ghosts I can handle but these folks wanted to throw in aliens and parallel dimensions to the mix as well.

The Haunted House Diaries

I don’t know much about parallel dimensions. I have heard theories about some spirits are glimpses into another dimension. They are still alive and going about their ways but the veil between our dimensions have thinned enough for us to view, them to view us, or for scents from their dimensions to creep into ours.

Aliens I don’t really know much about. That is a whole other area of the paranormal than I deal with. I will admit that I do believe that we have had help from someone or something else. The advances that humans have achieved over the years seem too advanced to be just a natural occurrence. But I will leave that whole debate for another post. Allow me to get back to the book.

This book is definitely interesting. If you don’t currently live with spirits, I really recommend reading this book. The first part of the book is actually by the homeowner. They are little notes that she jotted down over a few decades about the various odd things that happen around the house. I really connected to many of the notes because it was similar to what I have experienced with my own ghosts. She mentioned early on in the book that while her family had been deeply affected by the activity in the house, there was no severe mental trauma or psychological problems. She theorizes that maybe they experienced this activity because of their level-headed nature, their understanding of the world, or because they had no preconceived idea about what a haunting should be. That sounds a lot like what my dad used to say.

The notes start in the 1960’s and go all the way through the 2000’s. There is a variety of different activity. It ranges from minor things like scents of tobacco smoke to noises to bigger things like being touched or the bed shaking. She also claims to see various apparitions. Some of the apparitions are long dead family members and some are people or things she has met. She writes a few times about a tiny humanoid thing that will occasionally check in on them by peeking around a doorway. I won’t go too much into the various notes because I think they are a great source for giving you an idea of what living with spirits is like.

The second half of the book is from the book’s author, William J. Hall. It’s about his and Donna’s (the homeowner) theories about the activity, who it is and why. It also about the investigation Hall does at Donna’s home in Connecticut. I love learning about how other investigators conduct their investigations. While I don’t agree with everything that he did, it was an interesting read.

If you have read this book or have heard of this house, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

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