When The Housewife Is Away The Ghost Will Play

As y’all know I was away the last few weeks in North Carolina visiting my family. This is the longest I have been away from Jeremy by choice (as oppose to the military sending him away) and definitely the longest I have been away from the cats and our spirits. I missed them. And judging by the messages and pictures I received while gone, it’s safe to say they all missed me too.

Jeremy said that two very odd things happened while I was gone. The first one happened while he was at work. He had come home and noticed my dad’s area on my bookshelf was disturb. I had documented a previous disturbance with his area when we were in Iwakuni. Since moving to Illinois, I have a similar set up on a bookcase in our bedroom. The only difference is that I added a picture of Dad, Magan, and me from a street fair. Jeremy said that he came home to find the new picture laying face up in the trash can in front of the bookcase. He tried recreating it but the picture would fall face down or knock the flask off. I suck at as a housewife when it comes to dusting but thankfully that worked to our advantage for this. It showed no cat paw prints in the dust so we can rule the cats out from knocking it over. Also, the bookcase is really hard to shake in a way that only that picture could fall. So we can rule the cats out again from jumping on the bookcase. I don’t know why a spirit would want to toss that picture in the trash or what the meaning of it is but at this point, we are leaning to one of the spirits moving it.

This is how the area usually looks.
This is how the area usually looks.
This is how Jeremy found the picture.
This is how Jeremy found the picture.
This is the dust lines showing nothing slide out of place.
This is the dust lines showing nothing slide out of place.

The other odd thing that happened took place a few days before I returned home. I was actually already in bed when Jeremy called me. It was after midnight my time. He said that something weird was going on and he wanted to tell me about it right away. He said that he was in bed and could hear Katniss walking around downstairs. She would meow and Rampu seemed to be answering. It was the first time while I’ve been gone that he witnessed Rampu turning on or off. He would hear Katniss meow and then Rampu would quickly turn on and the off. Then Katniss would meow again and again Rampu would turn on and off. He said that it was going on for a good twenty minutes. After Rampu’s reaction to being recorded a few weeks ago, he decided to not try and record it out of respect for Rampu. On the phone, I could faintly hear Katniss meowing and Jeremy confirmed that Rampu was still turning on and off. I hate that I missed that. Katniss does seem to a special connection to Rampu, so I don’t doubt that they were communicating in some way or maybe even playing a game like Marco Polo together. She’s the only cat to actually curl up with him on the bookcase. I hope they are friends.

Katniss and Elizabeth

Speaking of Katniss and her connection with spirits, I think she is helping us prove that Elizabeth maybe truly haunted. The other night we brought Elizabeth down to have dinner with us on the couch and to watch TV with us. Katniss immediately jumped up beside Elizabeth and started to groom Elizabeth’s dress! Then she tucked in close to her like she does with me or Rampu. I’m wondering if Katniss is sensing a spirit attached to the doll. If she is, that makes me happy that we treat Elizabeth like she is a human and not a doll. Elizabeth is actually with me today at work. Lodgic is having their grand opening and I figure it would be fun to include her in the festivities. Yes, I am the weirdo that brings a haunted doll to a party because I don’t want to show up alone. Don’t judge me. LOL

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