Was It All Just A Dream?

I recently got into a deep conversation with a reader about dreams. Recently we both had been having odd dreams that we couldn’t shake. The reader who reached out to me said that it was okay to share her dream but asked that I not reveal her identity.

She said that she dreamt that she was sitting at an old soda parlor’s counter. She was drinking a milkshake when the door opened. When she looked at the door all she could see was a bright light. From the light, her mother, who had passed away several years ago, walked into the shop. Her mother sat beside her and put a hand on her shoulder and said: “the kids are alright”. The reader said she woke suddenly. She said that while the dream wasn’t anything extraordinary, she felt shaken up by it and continued to feel shaken up by it for several days. She said that she had dreamt of her mom before but never felt like that before after waking up or waking up so suddenly because of a dream.

I understood what she was writing about. I have a few dreams like that before. Lately, they involved my dad. I do dream of my dad often but there seems to be a difference between the dreams. Some dreams just feel like a regular dream and he is just a character in the background. When I wake I know I saw him but details of the dreams seem to be vague and quickly forgotten. Other times whatever that is going on around us is muted out and it’s just me and him. This other type of dream I usually wake up from suddenly and remember in very clear detail. I may wake up at 5am but I am fully awake and feel like I can’t shake the dream.

The most recent one was while I was at my mom’s house. I was at a restaurant with Mom, Magan, and Jeremy. We were all seated at the table with an empty chair at the table. Suddenly a waiter leads my dad in and he just lights up, his hands in the air and waving his cane in one hand like he was really excited to see us. The power of energy just shot me up in bed. Even though I dreamt this dream weeks ago, I’m crying as I type it because that happiness I saw in him is still overwhelming.

I’ve had dreams like this before about people. Usually, it’s right after they died. I thought since it was them saying goodbye or something along those lines, it was just my mind trying to cope with not being able to say goodbye before they died. Now after what I have been experiencing with these dreams with Dad and talking with the reader, I can’t help but think that maybe it might be something more.

I don’t consider myself psychic, a medium or a sensitive. I have lucky guesses occasionally and seem to know some of the things from spirits before we are able to fully document it but that doesn’t mean I have a gift. Dad used to say we still have mountain blood in our veins from when his family lived in the mountains of Virginia. Before there were phones, mountain folk seemed to know when they were needed at someone’s house, or when someone was sick and needed help, or someone had a family member died. Mountain folk would just show up with a casserole or soup or the tools needed to fix something without being told. Dad didn’t know how to explain but he didn’t think it was anything paranormal. He felt psychics and mediums were different because they could use their gifts in different ways. He believed that mountain folks developed this sixth sense out of necessity. Maybe it’s the mountain blood that allows me to connect to him and other spirits on the other side. Maybe it’s all a coincidence. Maybe it’s just a regular dream. I don’t know.

Have any of y’all had similar dreams? How do tell the difference between them? I would love to hear what you have experienced and your thoughts are on this. Drop a comment below or shoot me an email at kelly@paranormalhousewife.com.

Don’t forget! Tomorrow is my fireside chat at Lodgic Everyday Community at 12pm! Come by for it! I would love to meet you and chat with you afterward.

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