Should You Investigate By Yourself?

The usual response I get when I get done telling someone about one of my adventures is “Weren’t you scared to be alone?”. Since I have grown up with spirits and have yet to come across that truly scared me, I’m not afraid to go alone. Yes, I prefer when my husband can go with me because I either don’t trust the area (humans are scary and unpredictable) or because I like having someone else experience the same thing as me. Plus I love his company. But this is one of those topics where I say “do as I say, not as I do”. I know myself, my limitations, and my abilities. I trust my gut and know how to think on my feet if something happens while I am on my own. But honestly even I probably shouldn’t investigate by myself as often as I do.

Exploring places in the dark is dangerous.

Rarely do I investigate places during the daytime. Most of the time it is at night. Walking in a forest, cemetery, or unfamiliar home can be tricky. It’s easy to become hung up on a tree branch or root. Or a have shin taken out by a small grave or an unfamiliar coffee table. If you’re hurt on an investigation it would be useful to have someone to call for help or to help you back to a comfortable area. Being alone you have to resort to relying on yourself and hope your phone works.

Witnesses can back up evidence

If you are alone and you happen to see a ghost walk across the room but the cameras didn’t capture it, no one will believe you. Having another person or two there to back up what you witnessed or hear, will help give your testimony strength. Plus their additional camera or voice recorder may have captured something yours didn’t. Having other people there can also help explain why something isn’t paranormal which will in turn help strengthen what legitimate evidence you collect during the investigation.

Going over evidence takes forever. 

For every hour of recordings you take during an investigation, you should budget on at least three hours for reviewing for evidence. If you are doing the reviewing alone it’s incredibly easy to zone out and miss something. But if you have someone to bounce questions off of it helps to find subtle noises or shadows hidden in the recordings or pictures. Plus it cuts down on how many hours it will take each person to go through everything.

But there are some perks of going alone.

I like that I am able to just up and go to a place without checking with someone else’s schedule (especially with Jeremy currently on Recruiting Duty). If I get word of something weird going on or a cool place to investigate, I can just hop in the car and go. It’s easier to get into more secluded or off-limits places if I need to get permission for just me and not a whole group of people. If I have a large group of people with me, especially if they aren’t trained in ghost hunting, I end up feeling like I am babysitting a bunch of people and don’t really get to investigate. Being by myself I can make sure it’s really quiet around me which allows the evidence to come out clearer.

If you go investigating, always make sure you have permission to be there and that someone knows where you are. Even in a group of people, things can happen. Always respect the area you’re in and the spirits you are visiting. Don’t leave a mess for someone else to clean up. That includes the spirits. Don’t make me come in to calm down a spirit or a homeowner that you pissed off by imitating something you saw on television.

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