Talking To Spirits

Since my blog post last month about the three most common questions my facebook messenger and email have blown up with questions and comments about talking to spirits and using an Ouija board. I decided to address some of the questions, comments, and concerns that were shared with me.

As I stated in that post, I don’t use Ouija boards but I do have Ouija boards and Ouija board inspired objects decorating my home. That doesn’t make me a hypocrite. It doesn’t mean that I am going to hell or a devil worshipper. I decorate with them because it’s a paranormal tool and it expresses my paranormal interest without me having to hang a sign saying “A paranormal investigator lives here”. Having an Ouija board welcome mat doesn’t mean I am inviting demons into my house.

As I stated in my first post, I am not an expert. I just write about what I have experienced growing up and as I was trained as a paranormal investigator. When I was younger I did goof around with Ouija boards with my friends but we thought we were being rebellious. Not that our parents said we couldn’t mess with them. In fact, they were the ones that bought the board. We never spoke to the devil or Zozo or any other demons. More than likely it was us moving the planchette trying to scare each other. We never opened a portal or a doorway to the other side. In fact, everyone that I personally know that has used one has never contacted anything evil or been cursed because they used one. All the stories I have heard of something evil happening was either a friend of a friend knew someone that had something happen to them or something happened afterward that sounded more like a spirit trying to get their attention. As I explained with three most asked questions post, when you use an Ouija board, you are teaching a spirit that moving something is a way to communicate. You may have said goodbye and put the board away but the spirit may still have something they want to tell you. They may try to move small things and either you don’t see it or you choose to ignore it. So the spirit will step it up and start moving larger and larger objects until you truly notice it. At that point, most people I have talked with usually start calling it demonic and claiming the Ouija board let something out into their house.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible that a demon came out of the board or that they spoke to the devil. I’m just saying that I have never experienced it and the people that have called me to help with their “demonic” activity didn’t actually release a demonic entity. I really think that with the movies that are being released by Hollywood like The Nun or Paranormal Activity, people are more likely to believe that a simple haunting is something demonic or self-inflicted scratches are suddenly a demonic attack. Don’t get me wrong. I love watching those movies myself because I love scary movies. But they are fictional. Quite often people watch them, see “based on a true story” and think that it’s all true. Noooooooooo. They aren’t. Some of the names, locations, and the most basic details might be true. Ninety-seven percent of what is in the movie is just made up to shock and scare you.

If you want to use the Ouija board, go ahead. Just be sure to realize that any activity that happens is most likely not demonic. Burning an Ouija board doesn’t free you from the “demon”. If you are having any activity that you can deal with, contact me or another paranormal team so we can help you find out what is going on. Oh, and before I forget, an angel board is an Ouija board but just in prettier colors. They contact the same spirits and teach them the same thing. There is really no difference between an Ouija board, homemade spirit board, or an angel board.

If you want to communicate with spirits in a safer way that won’t lead to kitchen cabinets slamming shut or books flying off the shelf I recommend either an ovilus or a spirit box. I personally prefer using the ovilus because it is quieter than a spirit box. I know other investigators that prefer the spirit box because you can actually hear the spirit’s voice. These are instruments that you can use to talk to them but once you shut them off, the spirit isn’t likely to start moving things to continue the conversation. It helps create safe boundaries about when you want to talk to the spirits.

As always, my email is open if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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