A Tragic Thanksgiving Story

On November 24th, 1892, Thanksgiving Day, a young woman checked into the Hotel Del Coronado under the name Lottie A. Bernard. Ms. Bernard claimed to be from Detroit, Michigan. The staff at the Hotel Del Coronado stated that Ms. Bernard was a beautiful well-dressed woman who seemed reserved and ladylike in her manners. The staff also mentioned that Ms. Bernard seemed very troubled and melancholy.

Ms. Bernard was checked into room 3327. She stayed there for five days. During her stay, the staff noted that she seemed to be waiting for someone. She often asked if her brother had arrived. At one point Ms. Bernard ventured out into San Diego.

On November 29th, Ms. Bernard was discovered on the exterior staircase that lead from the hotel to the beach. She was discovered with a gunshot to her head. While the police investigated the death, they were unable to find anything to positively identify her. To try and prove her identity the police telegraphed her description to various police departments around the country. It was soon revealed that Lottie Bernard was, in fact, Kate Morgan.

Kate Morgan

Originally from Iowa, Kate was married to Thomas Morgan. They were married for only a few years before she ran off Thomas’ stepbrother, Albert Allen. Though legally still married, Kate never returned to her husband. Kate Morgan was just 24 years old when she passed away. At the time of her death, Kate was a domestic worker for a wealthy family in Los Angeles. It has been reported that when Kate was on the train bound to San Diego from Los Angeles, she was seen arguing with a gentleman who ended leaving her on the train.

Many theories about Kate’s death have been debated over the years. Many think that the gentleman on the train was Kate’s lover and that was who she was waiting to arrive at the Hotel Del Coronado. The identity of the gentleman she was seen arguing with has never been figured out. Another point of debate was whether this was a suicide or a homicide. Her death was ruled a suicide but in some articles, it is reported that the coroner mentioned that the bullet used to end Kate’s life did not match the bullets the gun she had purchased a few days before in San Diego.

Although Kate was described as troubled and melancholy in the days leading up to her death, it is safe to assume that Kate has found some peace at the Hotel Del Coronado. Since her death, numerous unexplained activity has been documented over the years. Most events take place in room 3327 and the third floor. Visitors and staff have reported that the lights will flicker, the television will turn itself on or off by itself, breezes can be felt though no draft can be located, items will move by themselves, cold spots, noises and scents that can’t be explained, and doors that open and close of their own accord. Kate’s spirit has been seen in the hotel’s hallways and walking along the beach. Her spirit is so well known for its history and activity, that the Hotel Del Coronado has Kate’s story on their website. They even wrote a book called Beautiful Stranger: The Ghost of Kate Morgan.

To my American readers, I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is filled with happiness, laughter, and good food.

To all my readers and followers, thank you for taking the time read my blog, for commenting and sharing my posts, the messages you send me, and for everything you do. I am grateful you are apart of my life.

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