Sleeping! Please Do Not Disturb!

When we sleep we are the most vulnerable. Not just to normal things like attacks from adorable kittens or children but also from spirits. I often get messages about how people have connected with spirits of loved ones or with spirits in their home through dreaming. In fact, that is how Jeremy found out the name of the little girl in our Jacksonville house. I wrote before about talking to loved ones in dreams and I have received quite a few messages in regards to that (thank you for that) but in this post, I wanted to talk about when it seems like a spirit reaching in a not so friendly way through dreams.

Years ago I read a passage in Memoirs Of A Geisha that really stuck with me.

“In any case, very early one morning that April, I awoke from a most peculiar dream about a bearded man. His beard was so heavy that his features were a blur to me, as if someone had censored them from the film. He was standing before me saying something I can’t remember, and then all at once he slid open the paper screen over a window beside him with a loud clack. I awoke thinking I’d heard a noise in the room. The maids were sighing in their sleep. Pumpkin lay quietly with her round face sagging on to the pillow. Everything looked just as it always did, I’m sure; but my feelings were strangely different. I felt as though I were looking at a world that was somehow changed from the one I’d seen the night before – peering out, almost, through the very window that had opened in my dream.”

This passage stuck with me is because over the years I have experienced similar sort of dreams that seem to startle me awake. Typically it is when I am having a dreamless sort of sleep and something suddenly happens that scares me awake. Quite often in Iwakuni, it was usually hearing the doorbell ring but no one is there when I check the door. In Jacksonville, it was a hard, solid knocking on the wall like something was going to break through the wall. Now here in Illinois, it is something different every time. A few times it has been what sounds like someone slamming a door as hard as possible. Once it sounded like someone slammed a stack of plates on our headboard as hard as they could. That time I actually fell out of bed trying to get away from the broken glass I was sure about to fall on my head. Most recently I was woken up by what looked like a cartoon head of a woman screaming “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” at me but it was Jeremy’s voice coming out of her multicolored head. The voice was so loud that I again I was jolted out of bed. I actually thought my husband had come home early and was seriously pissed about something.

Actually, that is something I have noticed about the dreams that get interrupted. It’s when I am sleeping alone. Most often when I am napping. I am a heavy sleeper so for something to wake me up, it usually takes a lot. I’m also usually really groggy when I wake up but when these kinds of dreams happen I am INSTANTLY awake and usually in self-defense mode. It actually got to the point where I asked in a Facebook group  Hardcore Paranormal for advice. This group is one of the few I trust with giving legitimate answers and not claim everything is a demon or an orb. I’m really glad that I turned to them because the members in that group started sending me links talking about Hypnopompic Hallucinations. A hypnopompic hallucination is when your brain confuses your dreams with someone happening in the real world (so to speak) while transitioning from sleep state to awake state. Hypnopompic Hallucinations are often a part of sleep paralysis. It is linked to stress and untreated anxiety which matches up to when it happens to me. It’s usually when I am stressed about something.

Since discussing this with the members of Hardcore Paranormal, I have started hanging my Tigers Eye necklace by the bed and making sure I clear my mind of anything that is causing me stress before going to bed. Whether it is the Tigers Eye protecting me while I sleep or me lowering my stress before bed, I haven’t been scared awake in a couple weeks. Let’s hope it stays that way. I love my sleep too much to be woken up in such a scary manner.

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