A Couple Of Purrfectly Creepy Ghosts

This first tale I have to share with you has actually been sent in by one of my readers. Thank you, Ashley S. of Alexandria, VA, for suggesting this topic which actually ended up leading to this week’s theme of animal ghosts. If you have a topic you would like to see covered on ParanormalHousewife.com, let me know!

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Imagine you are a security guard working late at night alone and you hear a noise. When you go to investigate it, you discover that it is just a cat walking around. You decide to leave it alone and go about your patrol as normal but you hear something coming from the cat. Looking at the cat again, you realize that the cat has now grown to the size of a tiger and running towards you at an alarming speed! As you duck to avoid the cat’s attack, the beast disappears into smoke! You are uninjured but understandably, very shaken up. Do you report this to your boss? Or keep quiet about it?

If you are one of the security guards working at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. you have probably already heard of this happening or have experienced it yourself. Stories of the demon cat in the basement of the Capitol Building have been around since 1898 when the Washington Post actually reported it. In fact, the Washington Post has reported on it a few times with the most recent article being published as recently as this past Halloween.


But what is the Demon Cat of the Capitol Building? Back when the Capitol Building was newly built, cats were brought in to catch the mice and rats that would run throughout the basement. The Demon Cat is thought to be one of the original cats brought down to help with the rodent issue. For some reason, this cat decided to continue “living” at the Capitol Building even after it’s death. Security guards have reported that it looks like a normal black cat until it starts growing to an unrealistic size such as a tiger or elephant and attempting to attack the security guard. Some have reported even trying to shoot at the cat but the cat would disappear before it was struck by the bullets. Perhaps the eeriest trait of the cat is that it would seem to know when the tragedy was about to strike. It was reportedly sighted before the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

The most recent sightings the Demon Cat should be taken with a grain of salt. The reports came in shortly after WWII ended but in those days the security guards were hired as favors for Congressmen. They weren’t qualified and were quite often drunk while on patrol. When it became known that reporting that they saw the Demon Cat during their rounds was rewarded with a day off, more of the security guards would report the cat. I guess I can’t blame them.

Our next story is also about a cat but this feline is has a friendlier personality. The Crescent Hotel already has a spooky past and offers ghost tours (The history of the Crescent Hotel will be the subject of another blog post) of the hotel but one thing that draws many to the hotel is a ghost of Morris the cat. Morris was an orange tabby that lived in the hotel from 1973 to 1994. Morris was named after the 9Lives spokescat, Morris. Morris was such a fixture in the hotel that he was given the position of General Manager. People remember him fondly as greeting them by rubbing against their legs or hopping into their laps when they were seated.

As it turns out, in death, Morris is still greeting hotel visitors the same way. People have reported seeing him turning down a hallway but when they try to catch up with him, they can’t seem to find him. People on the ghost tours report feeling a cat brush by their legs as they tour the basement where the morgue was kept while the house was a hospital at one point. An artist, Rebecca Becker, was sketching two the living cats that live in the hotel, Caspurr and Jaspurr. While sketching, Becker felt something jump up into her lap. Assuming it was another cat, Becker looked down to shoo it away so she could focus on her sketch. Becker was surprised to realize that her lap was empty.

If you had the choice, which would you like to see the Demon Cat of the Capitol Building or Morris the General Manager of The Crescent Hotel? Let me know in the comments below.

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