Eso Fue Un Poco Aterrador

(Title translation- That Was Kind Of Scary)

The second movie I chose for this week’s theme was another one that I hadn’t seen before and surprisingly had heard very little of before watching it. All I knew about it was that it was suppose to be one of the scariest films on Netflix in 2018. I don’t believe the hype for movies like that because I don’t really find a lot of stuff scary. But when I was talking to a friend about this theme and I was trying to decide on what movies to feature, she said I had to watch Veronica. She not only was it really scary but it was based on true events. So I decided that I would give it a chance. I watched the movie before I did any research on the story behind it.

Veronica was an interesting movie. I wouldn’t say it was scary but that also could have been because I was busy reading the subtitles and may have missed many of things going on in the background. I love foreign movies but I usually have to watch them a few times to understand what’s going on. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues and life being generally crazy the week that I watched the movie, I only had time to watch it once and had to divide that one viewing over two days because I had to keep stopping it and rewinding it because I knew I either missed something happening or missed dialogue.

For those of y’all who haven’t watched Veronica, allow me to give a brief synopsis. This movie takes place in June 1991 in Madrid, Spain. It follows a young teenage girl named Veronica. During a solar eclipse, Veronica with her two friends, Rosa and Diana, decided to play with an ouija board to try to talk to Veronica’s father who had passed away. Things, of course, go horribly wrong while they are playing with the ouija board and the ouija board ends up getting broken. During the seance, Veronica passes out. After what happens during the seance, Veronica starts hearing and seeing odd things. She starts having nightmares involving her sisters and little brother who she cares for while her mother works. She talks to a nun about what is going on. The nun, who ironically is called Sister Death (they never explain why), says that Veronica released something when they played with the ouija board and that she needed to right what she did wrong and that she needs to protect her siblings. I won’t go much more into the movie but you get the point.

After watching the movie, I began doing my research on what happened in real life to inspire this movie. I was actually pretty surprised that the movie followed the true events pretty close. Yes, some stuff was twisted or exaggerated as Hollywood does to all stories but this one was pretty close.

The real story that inspired this movie is also about a teenage girl in Madrid, Spain in the 1990s. Her name was Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro. Like Veronica in the movie, Estefania conducted a seance a school with some friends. Estefania was hoping to contact her boyfriend who had died while riding a motorcycle. In the movie, Diana wanted to be apart of the seance because she wanted to talk to her boyfriend who died in a motorcycle accident. In Estefania’s case, the seance was interrupted by a nun at her school before they could finish the seance.

After the seance, Estefania’s health started to deteriorate. Her family said that she would have hallucinations of shadow people and claimed that the shadow people would harass her throughout the night. Eventually, Estefania started to have seizures. During these seizures, she would bark and curse at her siblings. Estefania’s parents took her to doctors and psychiatrists to try and figure out what was wrong with their daughter but no diagnosis could be made. For over six months, Estefania would suffer until she eventually passed away at a hospital from unknown causes.

But that’s not where her story ends. Even after her death, the hauntings continued but this time her family could see and hear them. They claimed that they could see and hear dark figures stomping through their home. Their appliances would turn on and off by themselves. Objects on bookshelves would launch themselves across the room. A picture of Estefania fell from a table shortly after her death and self-combusted but nothing else was burned. Estefania’s mother claimed that the presence in their home began to occasionally attack her in her home. She would wake to a pressure pushing her down in her bed or invisible hands grabbing at her hands and feet.

It eventually got to the point where they contacted police to investigate their home. In the police report, it states that the responding officers heard a loud knocking from a part of the house that no one is was in and that they witnessed an armoire open by itself. An officer also reported seeing a crucifix bend until it was snapped in half all by itself.

The family eventually moved from the house and the hauntings stopped. The family didn’t report any new hauntings in their new home. Nor were there any reports of hauntings in their old house. While some people claim that it was made up by the family, this is one of the few cases where a police officer has gone on record saying that they witnessed something paranormal happening.

By the way, I want to point out that when I was planning this week’s theme, I didn’t mean to make both of the posts on here about people who played with ouija boards. If you want to learn the truth behind the story of a different type of horror movie, head over to my Patreonpage tomorrow. I will have a post about the story behind one of my favorite Japanese movies and there is no mention of an ouija board at in that post.

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