Almost Through Another Mercury Retrograde

I swear every time I plan to sit down to write or vlog lately something always comes up. This is the first time I have been able to actually sit down and write in about two weeks. I’m sorry. I hope y’all have missed me as much as I have missed writing.

This Mercury Retrograde has been kicking my butt. As with most Mercury Retrogrades, this one started affecting me just before it started. As y’all know I was sick for two weeks. Then I ended quitting my job. I thought now that I have been job free I would have tons of times to write. WRONG!!! I caught a stomach bug that caused me to be extremely dehydrated. That knocked me out for a few days. Since I wasn’t coherent enough to focus on writing thanks to being dizzy from dehydration, I made the mistake of watching that Marie Kondo show and Hoarders show on Netflix… I have since been trying to clean and declutter my house. And to be honest I think I am losing the battle. I may just end up throwing everything out and starting over again. If anyone has completely decluttered their house successfully please let me know. On top of all this, Casper, my car had to go BACK to the shop for that dang passenger wheel. The wheel bearings were beyond shot thanks to the tire incident that happened about the beginning of  February. I have Casper back now thankfully and she drives so much smoother now.

I am working on getting my vlog up and going. Jeremy bought me a new camera that will make it easier to share what’s going on. I am hoping to have my first video up on YouTube later this week. It probably would have been sooner if I hadn’t had something really weird happen the first time I sat down to record. I was downstairs with Rampu. I had just set everything up to record and I hadn’t even really gotten past saying my intro when I noticed people standing in my yard behind me. I paused the recording and looked out the window. There were three preteen boys standing in the middle of our yard. Two of the boys had their phones out filming the third boy. The third boy was in the process of pulling down two pair of pants he was wearing. By the time I was able to get the window open to yell at them, the kid was about to pull his underwear down!!! The three of them were so shocked that I was yelling at them that they took off running down the road. Well, two of the three did. The third kid still had two pairs of pants around his ankles while trying to run. He didn’t make it far before he faceplanted a few times trying to get away from our house. I decided that was a sign I was ready to start vlogging yet.

As for the blog, I am changing a few things up. While I loved having the direction of having themes each week, I felt limited by what I could/ should post during the posts. I missed sharing parts of mine, Jeremy’s, the cats’, and our spirits’ lives and activities with y’all but the stuff happening didn’t feel like it pertained to what was going on with the theme. That’s the main reason why I haven’t had personal posts up in a few months. I will be sharing more of those with y’all from now on. The themed posts are gone. I have also temporarily deactivated my Patreon account. I want to focus more on this blog and getting the vlog going. Plus they changed their website and I can’t figure it out right now. I’m sure it’s easier than I am making it out to be when I try to click through everything but I just don’t want to waste time trying to figure it out right now when I could be writing, filming, or investigating. The posts I have shared there will be moved over here as needed. So if you missed out a Patreon exclusive post, you’ll get your chance to read it soon.

I have a few investigations coming up in the next few weeks. I will be sharing those with you and I will go live if I am able to (T-Mobile’s signal kind of sucks in rural areas out here). Hopefully, in a few weeks, I will be going to Texas to visit Mama Squirrel and we will be squeezing in at least one investigation together while we hang out. I will have to have her tell y’all about her encounter with Al when she spent the night with us back in Jacksonville, NC. Unfortunately, due to Casper needing to be worked on twice and me being sick so much, I won’t be able to go to Salem in April like I wanted but I still have plans to go check out places in Chicago in April and I am still going to Colorado in May. If you have any suggestions on a place to check out or would like for me to join on an investigation, please let me know!

Let’s just hope we all make it through this Mercury Retrograde in the meantime. I’m sending good juju out to all of you. Please send some back to me. I desperately need it (and coffee).

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