Just Another Odd Week

You would think with Mercury Retrograde being over with for a week now that things would go back to normal but that has yet to be the case. I am going out today to get some sage to cleanse myself, Jeremy, and the house. I am tired of negativity going on in our lives and everything going sideways.

What’s going, you ask? Well, if you tried to access Tuesday’s post you may have noticed that my website was offline for some reason. I was able to correct the situation Tuesday night but the post I had scheduled for Tuesday is now gone. No idea why it didn’t save. Also, Jeremy’s car has been in the shop since this weekend because of engine trouble and his fuel pump going out. Trying to share one car is a pain so I usually end up stranded at the house. Rampu’s bulb burnt out but Lowe’s is out of his light bulb so now I have to try and find a new place to get his bulb from. I am also sick again. Seriously I am over being sick all the freaking time. Hopefully, this round of antibiotics will fix everything once and for all. Also, my laptop has been stuck in a neverending updating loop. Of course, it isn’t something I can start and leave it be while I do housework and come back when it’s done. Nope. It was update after update after update (eight updates in total) that needed me to sit by the laptop to keep signing into my account every time it restarted. And to keep cats from napping on the laptop while the updates were happening.

Things around the house have been interesting. I posted my first youtube this past weekend. Part of the video is updates about what has been going on around the house. Some weird stuff has been going on that I can’t explain. If you haven’t seen the video, please go check it out. Please excuse my awkwardness while I get use to being on camera.

Even with all the updates going on in the video, stuff is still happening in the house. Last night Jeremy went upstairs to use the bathroom. For those of y’all who haven’t been to our house, I need to explain the upstairs bathroom. Our house is a 1900 farmhouse so it has some odd kinks. The bathroom door doesn’t latch. It won’t even fit in the latch hole. So we have a 10 lb kettle weight to block the door when we need to use the bathroom to keep the door shut. It’s not ideal but we make it work. When Jeremy was going to leave the bathroom last night, he went to open the door. But it wouldn’t open. The weight wasn’t in front of the door. He said that it felt like when someone grabs the doorknob on the other side and holds the door shut. He said that it actually jerked out of his hand before he realized what was going on. Then when he tried to open the door again, the door wouldn’t budge for a few seconds. When he was finally able to leave the bathroom, he told me what happened. We tried to figure out what could have caused that to happen but we are stumped. All the windows are closed. The heat was turned off. The cats were downstairs with me. If this is one of the spirits messing with him, this is a new behavior for them. They have never done anything like this before.

Another weird thing that we have been experiencing is running upstairs again. I wrote about this back around Christmas but it was quiet until this week. We know our neighbors were in Indianapolis when this happened and their dogs were in a cage on the other side of the house. The cats were asleep on the couches with us. The sound of running is coming from our dressing room/ my office. The room is too small to be a proper bedroom and too large to be a traditional closet. We have shelves in there for my clothes and for our towels and linens. My writing desk is also up there. There isn’t much room up there. Definitely not enough to warrant that kind of running noises. I have heard the noises at least twice this week and twice when Jeremy was home. I am going to have to start putting my go pro up there to see if I catch anything. I am hoping to maybe set that up next week when the neighbors are going to be gone again.

I have some fun stuff coming up this weekend. The Japan House on Campus is having an open house. I am going to take Katniss to see if the Cherry Blossoms are blooming. She has a new spring kimono to wear for the occasion. On Sunday, my meetup group is getting together to see Pet Sementery. I am both excited to see it and a bit nervous. I loved the original because it stuck with the book. I already know the new movie doesn’t stick with the book. I did go last night to see Hotel Mumbai with a friend. It was extremely intense and very well done. Do not go see it alone. If my friend, Mathew, wasn’t able to go with me to see it, I doubt I would have stayed for the whole thing. It was that intense.

I hope y’all have a good weekend. Keep an eye out on my youtube channel. I will be having a new video uploaded this weekend. This is one that has been requested by a Facebook group! I hope y’all like it.

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