Nothing But Being Busy Bees This Weekend

Before this weekend happened, I had so many expectations for how it would be. In usual Kelly luck, it didn’t work out the way I planned but it was still a lot of fun and productive.  Friday was surprising a late night for us. Jeremy didn’t even get home until about midnight. The hours that recruiters work are ridiculous. Especially Jeremy’s hours now that he has been promoted to A Gunner for his shop. That means he oversees everything the other recruiters are doing and report it to St. Louis while still doing everything he was doing before. That also means he has to be in at 8am to call St Louis every morning with daily updates. I had spent Friday recording my latest vlog and editing it (more about that later). I recorded it at a new park I just found Friday afternoon.

Saturday I had planned to take Katniss to see the Cherry Blossoms at the Japan House. In Iwakuni and Washington, the Cherry Blossoms are blossoming so I figured that the Cherry Blossoms would be blossoming here too. Unfortunately, they are not blossoming yet. Because of how cold it has been lately, they expect them to blossom closer to my birthday at the end of the month. So Katniss and her new kimono will have to wait a few weeks to see her Cherry Blossoms. So instead of going out, I cleaned the kitchen and started decluttering the extra stuff we have in there. I haven’t finished yet but it shouldn’t take me too long to finish it. Pictures to come when I am done. The weather was nice enough to have all the windows open and enjoy the warm, sunny air.

On Sunday, Jeremy was on strict orders to play video games and watch wrestling all day. Well, first I let him sleep in. He needed it with how much he has been working. He stayed home while I went out with my horror movie meetup group. I’m pretty proud of how the group is turning out. I started it two months ago as a way to meet new people and find people to watch scary movies with. Two months in and we are up to 75 members!! Our meetup two weeks ago was our biggest one yet with 9 members plus me and Jeremy to see Us. (Not everyone wanted to have their picture taken.)

Horror Movie Club

Sunday I went to see Pet Semetery with Matt (the tall guy beside in the picture) and a new member, Debbie. I was hesitant about seeing it because the book was one of the few Stephen King books I liked and I loved the original. I knew the new movie would be different than the book and the original movie. I was blown away by how good the movie really was. It actually made me jump quite a bit. Of course, it was gory and I couldn’t watch those scenes. After the movie, the first thing out of Matt’s mouth was “That was good but still less intense than Hotel Mumbai.” We had gone to see Hotel Mumbai earlier in the week and weren’t prepared for how intense of a movie it would be.

By the way, I found out our movie theater has Champagne gummy bears! I had never had them before and they are delicious. Gummy bears are probably my favorite junk food. I don’t know why but they make me really happy.

After the movie, Debbie and I went to dinner at Black Dog. Jeremy joined us because he can’t turn down good BBQ. It was fun talking to Debbie. She’s into the paranormal like we are. After dinner Jeremy and I went to pick up a table and chairs I found on the Facebook classifieds. I figured since we are finally in a place big enough for a big table, it was time to get one. Luckily I found one for FREE! And it matches wooden bookcase that is in the room that will be the dining room.

Oh yeah, I guess I haven’t explained the layout we currently have and how it is changing. Oops. Currently, we have the front room that has a small table and two chairs and Rampu’s table. Then in the next room, we have our living room where the tv and couches are. It is small but I thought it would be best for the tv because we could make it dark for movies. But with the meetup group, I want to be able to host some events at the house but we can’t fit any more chairs in the tv room. So, with Jeremy’s help, we are going to switch the tv room to the front room and making the current tv room into a dining room. This way we can fit more chairs for company! Yay. We are going to have company over for once!!!


So, as I mentioned earlier. I have a new vlog out. This vlog was recorded at a local park because I needed to get out of the house. I had cabin fever really bad. The latest vlog was inspired by a paranormal group I’m in on Facebook. They are having their members film videos like Celebrity Ghost Stories. You can check it out here. I have video clips included in the vlog of my experiences.

Well, I need to wrap this up because I have to take Casper to the mechanic. Nothing major. Just an oil change. This week will be busy but I will keep you updated on all of the fun stuff going on.

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