Our House Is Blossoming Into A Home

It feels so good to be able to sit down for a few minutes to write again. It’s been over a week since I have been able to write due to how busy I’ve been. If you saw my post yesterday on Instagram, you saw me mention how things have been busy again for our household.

We have been putting the house together. With Jeremy’s help, we swapped to the two main rooms downstairs. What used to be the front room, is now the living room. What was the living room, is now the dining room. I am still setting up both rooms but the house is starting to look more like an actual home. The dining room has pictures hanging up from when it was the living room. We also set up the new dining room table I found a few weeks ago on the selling pages. I still need to redo the chairs and make them sturdier. In the meantime, though I am using the two chairs from our tiny Japanese table.   Before I redo the chairs, I need to find a fabric that I like that goes with the decor and find a staple gun. I have never used a staple gun before so I don’t know what to look for in one.


The living room is such an improvement. It’s so much more comfortable. With more windows in the room, there is much better light. I enjoy reading in the living room now. Plus we are better able to entertain. This was proven true last weekend when Mathew came over to play board games. The three of us enjoyed playing a card game around the coffee table. This weekend we are actually hosting our first Meetup event at our house. Since the new living room is nearly twice the size of the old living room, we have space for more chairs for people to in when they come over. We will be watching Sleep Away Camp and Friday the 13th. I will admit I haven’t seen either. I am excited to see them and to finally have a Meetup event here. Hopefully, it goes well and we can have many more.


Rampu seems to like the new arrangement. Though he isn’t as active as he used to be, he still won’t let us turn him off. Occasionally he dims and brightens in order to communicate but it’s been a while since he has done that. I am going to bring out some of my ghost hunting equipment and do a session with him. In Japan, he wasn’t talkative through the equipment but maybe since he can’t use his bulb to communicate like he use to, he will be more willing this time. I hope to have this video up this weekend.


Our downstairs bathroom is also coming along. I need to find some grey towels and get more candles like we have in the living room. I’m also debating on changing out the picture currently in there for something else. I am not sure what artwork I want on the walls. I also need curtains for all the windows.


 As for my vlogs, I know I haven’t put a video up in a while. As mentioned earlier in this post I have been busy. I have videos I have been working on but haven’t had much time to edit or upload them. I am trying to remedy that this week.

One of the things keeping me busy is I have finally started my garden. Well, sort of. So far it is just some potted plants that have been gifted to me over the weeks. I am hoping to get more this weekend now that the weather is better. I have a lucky bamboo and a what I think is a ghost plant succulent for White Day in March. They have grown quite a bit since then and I have had to repot them. I love my llama planters! The ghost plant is growing so fast it already needs to be replanted again! My mom gave me a strawberry plant as one of my birthday presents. The strawberries are starting to red finally! I picked up a pot of impatiens because they remind me of my Nanny (my dad’s mom). This past weekend Jeremy gave me two pots of mums for Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I love their pop of color on our stairs. I want to get some veggie plants and some herbs to grow. Brian, our landlord, has given us permission to plant whatever we want. He just asked that we tell him where we plant things so he doesn’t accidentally mow over them.


The last thing that is making things increasingly busy is that we are down to one car. Jeremy’s car is stuck in 2nd gear. So his transmission may be shot. Sharing a car this far from town takes lots of planning and making sure our schedules line up. I have too many commitments and errands to attend to, to let him just have free use of Casper. If anyone knows anything about Chevy Cavaliers and know suggestions on how to fix this, please let me know.  But thanks to all the car issues we’ve been having lately, sadly I have had to cancel my Colorado trip. Hopefully, I can go this fall but at this point, I have no idea.

I have lots of interesting posts planned for the next few weeks. I’m also working something really cool. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know what I’m working on. This is why you should follow me on social media!

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