Falling Into Some Spooky Stories

I’ve only been to Niagara Falls once in my life. My parents took me and my little sister back in the early 1990’s. I think I was about six or seven years old at the time. I remember my sister being little and riding on the Maid of the Mist boat into the falls. I remember it being cold, very wet, and a little scary. I definitely didn’t know about all the ghosts that haunted the areas surrounding the falls at that age. I was offered a chance to go back to Niagara last year with a friend but I had to turn him down because I was working at News Gazette still and wasn’t able to take off spontaneously. I hope I get another chance to go back there to explore some of the places I researched. During my research of the areas I came across DOZENS of different stories of hauntings taking place around Niagara Falls taking place both in the United States and in Canada. Here are some favorite places I read about.


The first of the Canadian hauntings I read about was the paranormal activity that happens at the Old Courthouse in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The workers there have often reported ghostly noises, sights, and cold chills. One worker who was working through the night to set up for an event the next morning when they noticed that the chandelier was swaying back and forth. The movement increased in speed and until it crashed to the ground a short moment later. The worker, startled by what happened, realized that there were no opens windows or doors to cause a breeze strong enough to rip the chandelier down. Other workers have talked about their experiences with the original jail cell. They feel unexplained cold spots. They also hear loud knocking coming from inside the jail cell that can hear in other parts of the courthouse. When the inspect the cell for a cause of the noise, nothing can be found.

Another haunting on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls takes place at the Brockamour Manor. This story takes place during the war of 1812. I will completely honest with you right now. As much as I love history and love to research random stuff the only I know about the war of 1812 took place during 1812 (if it lasted beyond 1812 I have no idea) and that the 1812 Overture has absolutely nothing to do with the war of 1812. I only know this last part thanks to failing a question during a trivia league night. My teachers in school never taught us about the war so I have no idea where this war really happen or why or who won. But this tragic ghost story involves the war and a local girl named Sophia Shaw. Sophia was the love interest of British General Issac Brock. Since the General wasn’t of noble birth, Sophia’s parents wouldn’t give their permission for the couple to marry. General Brock told Sophia that after he came back from the next battle, they would elope. Unfortunately the handsome General was killed during that battle. Sophia was heart broken but never married. Her ghost has been seen wandering the halls of the bed and breakfast and her quiet sobs have been heard during the night.


While researching the various hauntings that happen around Niagara I was kind of surprised to hear about the activity that happens at Red Coach Inn. In December 1927, a husband got into an argument with his new bride. The night ended when in bloodshed when the husband bludgeoned her to death with a candlestick in the Victoria Suite on the third floor. I guess I wasn’t surprised to hear of paranormal activity happening after such a violent ordeal. Since that evening, workers and guests alike have witnessed a women in white dress walking around the property. Guests staying in the Victoria Suite report of sudden temperature changes. The doors in the suite open and close of their own accord. Most frightening of all, guests report hearing a screaming woman.

When I’ve talked to others about the ghosts in Niagara, a few people brought up the Echo Club. I have heard and read several different accounts that have happened there. I heard about the angry spirit that people call evil because he likes to shove furniture around and smashing plates and cups. Another spirit there is of a little girl in a long dress that randomly appears in one of the women’s bathrooms. Female guests have heard the spirit calling out for her mommy. When the look under the stall door, they either see her fade away or there is no one there.

As I mentioned before, this is just a small sampling of some of the many, many ghosts that wonder around Niagara Falls. What stories have you heard about? Have you experienced anything in that area? Let me know in the comments below.

Check back tomorrow where we will head back to my neck of the woods, so to speak, to visit some rich history.

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