It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus… And Jesus Christ.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen where I came out of the broom closet at the beginning of the year. It all started when I was chatting with someone* on Facebook. We were discussing different beliefs we have. I talked about how I had been trying to find a church that I liked but I had a hard time finding one that would accept the fact that I used crystals, worked with candles and herbs, read tarot, worked with the paranormal, among other things.

“So, you’re a witch?” they asked.

I didn’t consider what I did as witchcraft because I also believe in God and Jesus. I explained that to person I was chatting with and they surprised me by responding, “could you be a Christian witch?”.

I’ll admit that caught me off guard. I had never heard of that term before. Growing up in a church setting and from those who tried to guide my religious upbringing, made me believe that witchcraft is frowned on by the church and that you couldn’t practice Christianity and magic at the same time. I realized that’s why I often couldn’t find a church that I felt 100% comfortable in. I always felt like I had to hide the part of me that believed in crystals, working with herbs, and even ghost hunting. After that conversation I started doing some research about Christian witchcraft. I was surprised to learn that there are many Christian witches out there. Some practice in a coven while others found churches that accepted their ways. I found that just as in Christianity, there are different types of Christian witches. Some worked solely with herbs and others would incorporate other deities into their spellwork or prayers. One of my friends told me even about how there are some Lutheran preachers that work with herbs. She was one of the first that pointed out the use of herbs and magic in the Bible with the Wise Men bringing frankincense, gold, and myrrh to Mary and Jesus. She explained that the frankincense was to anoint Jesus, gold to acknowledge his kingship and myrrh to prepare for burial. Other people that I talked to about magic in Christianity pointed out that Jesus changing water into wine and when he making fish and bread multiply to a large group. One of those that I spoke with about pointed out that both witches and Catholics pray over candles and used incense in their rituals. 

After researching, I realized that what I practiced was indeed Christian witchcraft. It made me feel at peace to know that I wasn’t a weirdo for believing both. I am still learning more about it but I feel more comfortable embracing both equally. Even Jeremy seems to be more comfortable now that we celebrate both faiths. Since coming out, we have an alter in our family room which we both find comfort in. I also have an alter in my office that brings me peace. Lighting the candles and incense has become part of my daily ritual. I’ll go more into our alters and what I things I do to honor both sides of the faith in future posts. As we have had guests come over (before Corona made the world go crazy), I am surprised by how few even question the alter being out in the open. In the beginning, I would silently prepare myself mentally to defend our beliefs but was happy that people just accepted it without question. 

One thing I was surprised to experience was judgement from a particular group. In witchcraft groups that I joined to talk to and to help with research, I was startled to see how judgmental other witches were to those that came out as Christian witches. Many claimed that since Christians judge witches, witches shouldn’t also have Christian beliefs. The hatred and vile comments caused me to leave most of the groups. I was expecting that kind of judgment from Christians. Not witches. I was surprised when some of the witches tried to make things political by saying things like “if you like Trump, you can’t claim to be a witch” or “you can’t be a witch and republican at the same”. I didn’t vote for Trump but I don’t hate everything he has done. I also do lean more Republican than Democrat but I don’t vote solely on party. 

I’m still in a few groups (I will share those groups in a future post). I have found them to be quite valuable for information. I’ve made new friends and enjoy the discussions that I’ve been apart of in those groups. They have helped find my true self and find my faith. 

I’m curious to hear your thoughts of Christian witchcraft. What is your faith? What brings you comfort and guidance? Let me know in the comments below.

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