Shades Of Death

Sometimes there are places where tragedies happen so often that the places seem cursed. Sometimes these places can be roads that the tragedies seem to stretch the length of the road. In today’s post I will be talking about two such roads that are haunted from all the deaths that have happened there.

Shades Of Death Road

Shades of Death Road is located in Warren County, New Jersey. It stretches 6.7 miles but every part of it seems to be seeped in horror and sadness. The twists and turns of the road have caused an unusually high amount of crashes compared to other roads in the area. The name of the road comes from the many styles of death that the area around the road has witnessed over the years.

Along the road is the Jeny Jump Forest that has many low hanging trees. Back before the area was settled, outlaws lived in this area. They attacked and killed travelers going through this section of the forest. When the outlaws were caught by the town’s vigilantes, the vigilantes would hang the outlaws in the trees that now border the road. Today, drivers claim to see ghostly bodies hanging from the low lying tree limbs.

Near the road is a lake that is often referred to as Ghost Lake. During my research of Shades OF Death Road and the surrounding areas, I happened upon an urban legend that claimed that settlers killed the local Native American tribe and threw their bodies into the lake. I also came across information saying that the lake was created in the early 20th century. So while I doubt that the lake has the bodies of the local tribe in it, the thick fog that rises from the lake and rolls across the roadway as been reported as having ghosts seen walking along the edges of the fog.

The original settlement to the area was called Great Meadows. Starting around 1850, yearly outbreaks of malaria killed many of the settlers. In 1884, the swamp in that area was drained which helped stop the malaria outbreaks.

Between 1920 and 1930, the area witnessed three different murders. One man was hit on the head with a tire jack for the gold coins he carried in his pockets. In another incident, a woman beheaded her husband. She buried his head on the opposite side of the road from his body. The final murder was of Bill Cumins. He was a local who was shot and killed before being buried in the mud by the road. His murder was never solved.

Down Shades Of Death Road there is a side road called Lenape Lane. Drivers who go down that side road will soon be chased back to Shades Of Death Road but a large white orb. The orb disappears behind a tree when the car gets close to Shades Of Death Road.

Riverdale Road

Located in Thorton, Colorado, Riverdale Road is a 11 mile long road haunted by tragedy.

Driving down Riverdale Road near a section called Jogger Hill, people have reported something hitting their car but when they get out to investigate nothing can be found and there is no damage to their vehicle. It’s claimed that a jogger was hit and killed near this area but I wasn’t able to find any information about the actual accident.

There are two ghosts of women seen on this road. The first is a mother who is dressed in all white who walks along the road looking for her children. She is only seen in the rearview mirror as drivers pass her by. Legend says that the woman and her children were killed by the children’s father when he burned their home to the ground. The other female ghost is that of a different woman dressed in white that waves cars down and asks them for a ride. When she goes to open the door to get into the car, she vanishes.

Down another section of the road, drivers have reported seeing a little boy walking along side the road. If they pull over to talk to him, the boy is no where to be found and drivers find bloody handprints on their car. The handprints are always gone by morning. A little boy was killed on his way to school and locals believe that it is his ghost that walks along the road.

Drivers have reported that when they drive down Riverdale Road at night, a Camaro pulls up behind them. The Camaro revs its engine and tries to get the driver to race them. As the Camaro pulls around the driver, it disappears.

People have also witnessed what looks like the bodies of slaves hanging from the tree branches that line the road.

Have you traveled down either of these roads? Have you seen something paranormal while traveling? Let me know in the comments below.

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