They Don’t Come In Peace

While researching haunted roadways around the world, I came across these two places and their stories sent chills up my arms. The spirits mentioned didn’t seem like the normal hitchhiker or wandering spirit I talked about earlier in my posts this week. These, while they don’t seem particularly harmful, definitely want to leave their visitors terrified to come back. Even the police have been scared off from one of these locations.

Route 44

Route 44 runs through Rehobath, Massachusetts, near the Seekonk- Rehobath train line. This road has a very unique hitchhiker that wanders along the road. A few things make him unique. Unlike most hitchhiking spirits who are typically young women dressed in white asking to go home, this is a male dressed kind of like a lumberjack. He is said to be a well built guy who appears to be in his mmid forties to mid fifties. He has red hair and beard. He is seen dressed in a red flannel shirt with either jeans or brown work pants and work boots. Some observers state that he is well dressed and groomed. Others say that his hair and beard are wild and dirty and his clothes are dirty, ragged, and disheveled. Some people say he appears as a solid a living person. Others say he is slight see through or that his torso is solid but legs fade away at the knees. Everyone that sees him comments on his dark, souls eyes that don’t seem normal.

Interactions with this spirit vary from each account. He is either walking down the side of road and occasionally he is seen with his thumb sticking out trying to hitch a ride with a passing car. Some folks say that he simply fades away when a car pulls over to off him a ride. Others says he gets into the backseat without saying a word. He won’t speak to anyone. Half the reports say he sits in the passenger seat while the other half says he sits in the backseat. He will stare at the driver either directly or through the rearview mirror. Unlike most female hitchhiking spirits who fade quietly from the car, he wants his disappearance to be known. As he fades away, the car is filled crazy, creepy laughter. Some witnesses have said it sounds as if it was coming from their car speakers with the volume turned up as loud as possible.

There was one report where a witness said that the spirit appeared one afternoon beside his driver side window. The spirit kept pace with his car has he drove down the road. The driver wasn’t able to see his legs. He said that the spirit was just floating beside him before the car was filled with the laughter that others reported hearing.

Stocksbridge Bypass

This next haunted roadway is located across the pond in Stocksbridge, England. Stocksbridge Bypass is only 5 mile longs but it packs in the tragedy and horror in to those few miles. It was opened on Friday, May 13th, 1988 and the 14 deaths that happened within the first ten years of it being open helped label it Britain’s most dangerous road. But the scares started before the road even opened.

On September 8th, 1987, while the bypass was under construction, two security guards at a near by industrial site had an odd occurrence. They were out patrolling late that night when they saw a group of children playing in a field near their site. Because of the late hour, the guards decided to walk over to investigate. As they came closer to the children, it dawned on the guards that the kids weren’t dressed in modern clothing. As this realization came to them, they noticed that the kids were fading away in front of their eyes. Freaked out, the guards turned to head back to their work site. As the they turned to go back they noticed on a nearby bridge a figure standing, watching them. The figure was tall and appeared to be wearing something hooded. Trying to figure out what was going on, one guard remained there watching the figure while the other guard raced back to the work site to grab a car to drive up to the bridge. Upon arriving at the bridge in the car, the second guard was surprised to see that the headlights went through the figure and that the figure appeared to be floating. Both guards immediately returned to the work site and called the local police. At first the police thought this was a prank and ignored the request for police to come out. The two security guards then called a priest who then called the police. The police, finally taking the calls seriously, sent out Police Constable Dick Ellis and Special Constable John Beet. The two officers went to the bridge and got out of their vehicle to look around. After about 20 minutes of not seeing anything, they returned to the car. As Special Constable Beet turned in the passenger seat to buckle up, he screamed in terror upon seeing a hooded figure pressed up against his window. When Police Constable Ellis looked at his partner’s window, he didn’t see anything. However when they both looked out his own window, they discovered the figure outside his door. Terrified, Police Constable Ellis tried to turn on the car to drive away but the engine refused to turn over. Once it did, the police drove off quickly. Locals and researchers think the hooded figure may be the ghost of a monk that belonged to Hunshelf Priory.

The hooded figure isn’t the only spirit seen in this area. Drivers have reported seeing children standing in the middle of the road that vanish just before the car hits them. People have also reported seeing a large black dog that runs alongside the road or across the road before vanishing suddenly.

What would you do if you ran into one of these spirits late at night? Would you flee or would you stick around to investigate? Let me know in the comments below.

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