Their Murders Didn’t Kill Their Spirits

When I want to go camping, usually it’s to get away from everything and everyone. I want the peace and quiet of the woods and hopefully a nearby stream to refresh my soul. Of course there are exceptions, like when I spent the night in Aokigahara  (Japan’s Suicide Forest). But the campgrounds I’m writing about today, it would be hard to find peace when camping here. How can I expect peace when the spirits of those murdered by local Native Americans here don’t have peace?

Holy Ghost Campground

This campsite, located just 14 miles outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, is thought to be the most haunted campsite in New Mexico. The campground is named after the Holy Ghost Creek that runs by the Pecos Mountains. How oddly appropriate with the name Holy Ghost that the campsite is haunted by a long ago murdered priest. According to local legends, the Pueblo Indians revolted against the Spanish in August, 1680. All of the Spanish left expect for one priest. He stayed behind to continue to try and convert the Pueblo Indians to christianity. The Pueblo Indians killed the priest in anger over the torture and forced slavery that the Spanish brought upon them. The ghost of the priest has been seen wandering the woods ever since then.

The priest’s death isn’t the only death in these woods. various car accidents, deadly fights between bikers, and even a missing state trooper has been reported in and around this campground.

Campers have reported seeing shadows walking through the trees. Some say its the priest while others say they see the spirits of the Pueblo Indians walking through the woods. Occasionally chanting is heard as well when walking through the forests. Mysterious lights can be seen floating through the woods.

For more information about staying at Holy Ghost Campground, please go to this website. If you go, please let me know how your visit is and if you experience anything.

Helen State Park

This beautiful campground is located in Panama City, Florida. Its near Phillips Inlet. The main house (now called The Lodge) was built as a summer house by Robert Hicks for his wife and daughter. The cabins were built by Margaret Hicks after the death of her husband in 1932. The beautiful areas around the cabins and The Lodge help hide the tragic past of the area. The tragedies happened long before The Lodge was built.

In the 1843, a ship ran aground during a storm on New Year’s Eve. The crew and everyone aboard the ship was eventually killed by the local Native American tribe. Most were killed while the Captain had gone further inland to try and find food for those on the ship. When Captain Phillips came back, he too was murdered by the tribe. Two spirits are known to haunt the area that come from this mass killing. The first is Captain Phillips himself. He is often seen in The Lodge. He appears to guests and will either scream at them to get out of his house or yelling “Kill him now!” at them. He is an angry spirit and a few guests have reported having seizures immediately after dealing with him. The other spirit that haunts this area that was killed during the same raid is a that of a young girl named Rose. Rose was a slave aboard the ship who was buried on the beach after she died. While Captain Phillips’ spirit is angry and terrifying, Rose’s spirit seems quieter and calmer. She has been seen walking along the shore line at night. Some have even reported seeing her rise from her grave.

But that wasn’t the only tragedy to happen in this beautiful, peaceful location. Sadly, Margaret Hick’s only grandson, George, drown in Lake Powell on the property. He had been left in charge of a cook and his nursemaid, who were busy preparing lunch when he wandered off. It is suspected that he went to play on the boat dock and fell in. Since his death, people have often reported seeing a young child playing on the beach or sitting on the dock alone.

People staying in cabins have said that they can hear people walking around their cabin or even whispering but can never see anyone when they go out to investigate.

If you are interested in staying here or visiting the spirits that roam here, please go to this website for more information.

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