More Than Just Humans Visit This Campground…

The campground being talked about in today’s post has more than just ghosts scaring those that camp here. Something in the this area seems to be attracting more than the living. Even the Forest Rangers that work have experienced things that they can’t explain.

Lake Morena Campground is located in Campo, California. Just 42 miles from east of San Diego. The dam that created the lake was finished in 1912. The water in the reservoir was meant to supply San Diego with water. In 1915, with drought plaguing the area, San Diego hired Chester Hatfield to fill the reservoir. He agreed to cause it to rain in exchange for $10,000 when the reservoir was filled. Hatfield built the tower that was suppose to release his secret mixture of chemicals into the air that would in turn cause it to rain. The tower was ready for use on January 1st, 1916. On January 5th it began to heavily rain. The rain would continue for 15 days before finally ending. By the time the rain stopped, one damn was overflowed, another damn was broken, trains were stranded, phone lines cut, and at over 50 people were dead or missing from the flooding. After many court sessions, Chester Hatfield was not paid because he refused to accept responsibility for the damage caused by the rain. The courts ruled it an Act of God.

Now a days, visitors are able to camp, go boating, fishing, and hiking around the lake. But they won’t be alone when they do these activities. Many people have reported hearing heavy footsteps around their tents at night but nothing is there upon inspection. Among the campsites and in the forest, a woman can be heard singing or even laughing but no one is around. A woman dressed in white has been seen standing the forest but disappears when anyone acknowledges her presence. A younger woman in white is seen standing on or by the boulders to the west of the campground. When its late at night or near sunrise, people have often reported seeing floatings ghosts in the forest and above the lake. They are said to be floating about 10 feet above the ground. Could these be the spirits of those who died in the floods?

It’s not just the campers and hikers that report strange occurrences. The Forest Rangers that work there have reported odd things. In the dam keeper’s house, footsteps have been heard walking through out the home. Forest Ranger Tracey Walker said that one time the log book that they use everyday was suddenly gone from were it was kept on the desk. She said that she looked through everything in the office and couldn’t find it. It wasn’t found until much later that when she said it was suddenly found laying in the bathtub. A volunteer, Walter Stucker, also recounted the odd experience that he had. He was staying in a motorhome on the campground when he was startled awake. He said that he glanced out the window by the bed he was sleeping in and was surprised to a tall man looking into his window. Stucker said that the man wore a dark coat and what looked like a knitted cap. Stucker watched as the man turned and walked towards the lake. It wasn’t until the man had walked some feet away towards the lake that Stucker realized that the man was walking about half a foot off the ground.

While there have been many stories about the ghosts that haunt Lake Morena, they are others who visit the area. The area surrounding the lake has been know to have a higher than normal reports of UFOs. Many people have talked about seeing UFO’s at night. The UFOs have been reported over the lake, over the mountains that surround the lake and seen over the forests as well. Most report seeing lights in a V shape and the size of the lights is as bright as the moon.

Whether you go to Lake Morena for relaxation, hiking, camping, or searching for the paranormal, odds are you will probably see what you are searching for. If you want more information about the falicities at Lake Morena please check out this website.

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