This Hotel Room Is Still Occupied

Usually when we go on vacation, we check into hotels so we don’t have to stay with strangers and to have our privacy respected. If you check into these hotel rooms though, you may find some company waiting for you. If you are looking for peace and quiet stay out of these specific rooms, you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Red Lion Inn

Red Lion Inn is located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It was originally a tavern that specialized in British imports in 1773. It became a hotel known as the Stocksbridge House in 1884. Around the early 1900’s the name was changed to Red Lion Inn. Some of the famous guests that have stayed here include both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, National Hawthorne, William Cullen Bryant, John Wayne and Bob Dylan.

While the inn itself is charming, its the ghosts that seem to bring some guests to come to visit. On the fourth floor, a man in a top hat has been seen often. A young girl with flowers has also been seen walking the hallways. Guests and employees report feeling unexplained cold spots. They have also claimed to hear knocking on walls and doors but when they investigate, no one is there.

While the hotel has activity through out it, its room 301 that seems to have more unique experiences than the rest of the hotel. Guests in the room claim to wake up because it feels like someone is stroking their cheek lovingly. They have also been awoken by having their toes tugged on or the sheet itself being tugged. Guests have also told staff that they are awoken in the morning by what sounds like the maid letting herself in to the room and they hear her cleaning in the bathroom. When the guests get up to tell the maid to come back later, no on is there and the living maid that is suppose to come clean the room usually hasn’t made it to the floor yet to clean the rooms.

If you want to check out the Red Lion Inn for yourself, go to their website to make a reservation.

Copper Queen Hotel

The Copper Queen Hotel is located in Bisbee, Arizona. It was opened in 1902 by the local mining company for when important people would come by to see the zinc, copper, and silver mines in operation.

The Copper Queen Hotel has had a lot of activity over the years. The staff has commented that they randomly get phone calls at the front desk that are full of static and all they can hear is someone faintly Howard. They have also said they hear what sounds like heavy boot steps going across the lobby. The spirit of a woman dressed all in black has been seen often going up the main stairway but disappearing before she gets to the second floor. The spirit of a little boy named Billy has been seen and heard around the hotel. He drowned in the San Pedro River. He can be heard running down the hallways and occasionally heard either giggling or crying. Children of guests have reported seeing him hiding under tables. Billy has also been know to play tricks by moving guests belongings around when they weren’t looking. The fourth floor of the hotel is haunted by an older gentleman. He has been seen with long hair and beard. People him see also report him wearing a top hat and cape. The smell of cigar smoke has been noticed by those that see him, stating that the smell happened either right before they saw him or immediately afterwards.

If you are a guy who wants special attention, I recommend checking into room 315. Room 315 is known as Julia’s Room. Julia Lowell was a prostitute that worked at the hotel to entertain clients. While working their in the 1930’s, Julia fell in love with a client. She hoped that he would marry her and help her become apart the high society. Unfortunately, the client did not feel the same for Julia. Upset when he ended her services, Julia killed herself in her room. Occasionally her barely dressed spirit has been seen dancing by the stairs or wandering the halls of the second and third floors. Sometimes she seems more like white smoke than a flesh and blood person. Men in the room have claimed to hear a woman whispering in their ear. In room 315, male guests have reported being woken up to their feet being tickled. A few have even reported waking up to a woman doing a striptease like dance at the foot of the bed.

If you want to try and meet Julia, Billy and the old man on the fourth floor, or you just want an interesting place to stay in Arizona, go to The Copper Queen Hotel’s website.

If you do go to either of these hotels, let them know the Paranormal Housewife sent you. Also let me know how your visit goes. I would love to hear what you experience there.

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