Carolina Spirits Wander Through These Hotels

Back home, in North Carolina, I often heard of different places that were haunted. Especially hotels. The hotels in today’s post I haven’t had the pleasure of investigating in person yet but I plain to soon. The spirits tied to these hotels are popular and quite active. So much so that one of these hotels made the Washington Post’s list of thirteen most haunted hotels in America.

Green Park Inn

Located in the mountains of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, Green Park Inn has been open since 1891. Famous guests that have checked into this hotel include Annie Oakley, J. D. Rockefeller, Calvin Coolidge, Margaret Mitchell.

With a place as active as Green Park Inn, its not usual for it to catch the eye of a reporter or two. In 2017, Washington Post claimed it was one of the most haunted places in the United States. While there is a ghost log in the lobby for guests to write about their spooky experiences, the staff doesn’t talk about the hauntings as much. The manager, Larry Mulhern has been quoted as saying “We respect the privacy of all of our guests, whether or not they’ve ever checked out.” That hasn’t stop paranormal fans and investigators from checking into the hotel to visit with the spirits.

The main spirit that is often seen through out the hotel is Miss Laura Green. She was the founder’s daughter. She is most often seen on the third floor, especially in room 318. On the day of Laura’s death, Laura was left at the alter. That night she passed away in room 318 by her own hand. Her spirit is known to mess with electronics by turning lights and the tv on and off.

Surprisingly, a gentleman is also seen on the third floor either by himself or with Laura. Many theorize that her would be husband felt guilty about leaving her at the alter and came back to be with her in death. Guests on the third floor have also reported smelling pipe smoke randomly.

Guests have also heard children playing the hallways. They can be heard running up and down the hallway, laughing as they chase each other. But if a guest looks out down the hallway for the children, no one can be seen.

If you are wanting to try and meet Laura or just looking for a relaxing get away, please go to their website for more information.

Omni Grove Park Inn

Located just two hours away from the Green Park Inn, Omni Grove Park Inn is also a haunted hotel worth checking out. The Onmi Grove Park Inn was opened on July 12th, 1913 by Edwin Wiley Grove in Asheville, North Carolina. This hotel hosted famous guests such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Helen Keller, Harry Houdini, Barack Obama, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Guests who have stayed at the Omni Grove Park Inn have experienced a variety of different paranormal activity. Some of reported that they were awoken to someone tickling their toes. Others have said that they felt someone sitting on their bed and when they looked at the person would be sitting, the bed would be pressed down. Some have even reported feeling cold rushing through their body quickly.

The most common experiences though deal with an entity known as the Pink Lady. She is seen wearing a pink ballgown by both staff and guests. She is also seen as just a thick pink smoke gliding around the hotel. She is thought to be a young woman who was attending an event at the hotel in the 1920’s. She is said to have either jumped or fallen from the fifth floor of the Palm Court Atrium. Some have speculated that she was pushed to her death. She is most actively seen in room 545 where she likes to play with the lights, the air conditioning and the alarm clock by turning them off and on. Children have been the ones to interact with her the most often. Children of guests say that she has played with them and appeared over their bed while they were suppose to be sleeping. Occasionally parents have thanked staff when checking out for the young woman in the pink gown for coming to check on their sick child.

For your chance to meet the Pink Lady of Omni Grove Park Inn, please go to their website for reservation information.

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