Come On Inn To This Holy Hell

Sometimes a place is so haunted that the guests won’t stay the night or furniture has to be moved out of the hotel because the spirits won’t stop messing with it. The inns being talked about in today’s post are just that haunted. They attract famous paranormal investigators from around the world who try to interact with those that choose to roam the inn’s hallways. Even those who are holy aren’t safe from these spirits.

Mermaid Inn

Mermaid Inn is located in Rye, East Sussex, England. It was originally built in 1156 but was burned down when the whole town caught fire by French Raiders on July 22nd, 1377. While the cellars were able to survive the fire, the rest of the building wouldn’t be rebuilt until 1420. The inn is now celebrating its 600th anniversary being open. Some of the famous people that have stayed at the Mermaid Inn include Elizabeth I, Charlie Chapin, Judi Dench, and Johnny Depp.

In 1730’s through the 1740’s, the inn became the second headquarters for a local gang of smugglers called the Hawkhurt Gang or Holkhourst Genge. It was a gang of over 600 hundred members. The inn was useful to the gang due to its secret passages and tunnels that ran to the Old Bell Inn for quick getaways.

The whole inn seems to be haunted. Guests have reported feeling cold spots and feeling watched through out the inn. Loud footsteps can be heard in the hallways but no one can be seen making the noise. It seems as if each room of the inn has a different ghost and a different type of paranormal activity. In the Elizabethan room, people have reported seeing two spirits swording fighting. Others have only heard what sounds like swords hitting each other. Also in the Elizabethan room, strange lights have been seen floating through the room. A barman also quit on the spot one evening due to the activity in the room. He was tending to the fire in the fireplace when all the bottles on one shelf fell off at the same time. In the Hawkhurst room, an old man has been seen sitting on the end of the bed. He fades away when someone acknowledges him. In The Fleur De Lys room, guests have been startled when a man walks through the wall from the bathroom into the bedroom. The Kingsmill room had a ghost of woman who would sit in the rocking chair and rock for long periods of time. The activity became so frequent and bothersome to the guests that the owner of the inn had to remove the rocking chair. In the James room, a lady in white is seen sitting in a chair by the fireplace. Guests have said that if they leave clothes on the chair overnight, in the morning the clothes are soaked through with no explanation. The ghost that haunt this inn are thought to be members of the gang, their rivals, and some of their lovers or wives. Despite all the reports of activity, the owner claims to never have seen a ghost or experienced anything paranormal there.

Reservations for this hotel can be made through their website.

Borgvattnet Vicarge

Sweden’s most haunted location may surprise you. A home built in 1876 for the local holy men is now a bed and breakfast. The first 50 or so years of the home’s existence was fairly quit. Those living in the house didn’t report paranormal activity until 1927. Every family that stayed there after that, reported something they couldn’t explain.

1927, a vicar living in the home said that as he was putting laundry out on the clothesline, he could see something snatching the clothes back off the line. In 1930, a priest said that he was a Grey Lady walk through the Great Hall. In 1947, Priest Erik Lindgren said he was pushed from a rocking chair repeatedly one evening. In the 1980’s, the famous ghostpriest, Tore Forslund, came to the home to try and exorcise all the spirits. He was unable to do so and guests say they are still experiencing paranormal activity.

Guests have said that hear screams coming from parts of the house that are suppose to be empty. They have also said that they have had things move from where they put them and heard furniture moving by itself. They have also seen shadow people darting around corners. Cold spots can be felt often. Footsteps have been heard in the hallways and in the garden when no one is walking around. Candles have lit themselves while others blow themselves out. Guests have reported feeling like they have run into someone but no one is there. Out on the bridge, guest have said they can hear and feel someone stomping on the bridge past them. Music can be heard in the kitchen when it is suppose to be empty. The music stops just before anyone enters the kitchen. The feeling of being watched has been reported a lot. The front door has a habit of opening and closing on its own.

Like the Mermaid Inn mentioned above, each of the rooms in the home seem to hold a different type of paranormal activity. In the dining room, a. shadow person has been seen often running through the room. In the yellow room, guests have commented on seeing the shape of someone sitting on the end of their bed. Guests in the blue room complain that their blankets are yanked off of them in the middle of the night and if that wasn’t frightening enough, they have also said that their beds seem to move as well when they are sleeping. In one of the rooms, a trio of crying women are seen on the couch. In the pink room, a young woman and child are seen. She is thought to be the mistress of one of priests who was locked away in the room when she became pregnant. Her child was killed shortly after birth to keep their affair a secret. Guests have reported hearing a baby crying and sounds of screaming in that room.

If you are interested in trying to stay in one of Sweden’s most haunted locations, go to their website for more information. They even have paranormal equipment for you to rent during your stay.

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