This Forest Is Waiting For Your Screams

The forest in today’s post is one I have been told before to never visit if I get a chance to go to England. While it’s nickname is enough to tempt me to walk among the trees, the mysteries left unsolved involving this location are more than enough to make me think twice. Are you brave enough to walk the paths that run through these woods?

Dering Woods

This seemingly quiet forest is located in Smarden, Kent, England. I say seemingly quiet because the nickname for these woods is The Screaming Woods. Visitors to this forest have been known to hear screaming, whispers, and footsteps following them. Activity seems to be more likely to happen when its foggy out.

There are three ghosts that are known to wander here. One is an 18th century army colonel who killed himself. People have said that they have seen him hanging from a tree before he vanishes. Others say they have passed what they thought was a reenacter but when they turn to talk to him, he is gone. Another spirit known to be seen often is a highway man who was beheaded by local villagers who were tired of his crimes. His headless body has been seen walking among the trees. The final type of spirit seen is the one that is seen the most often. Many people have reported seeing shadow people darting between the trees or glimpsing a shadow following them.

There are two mysteries that tied to the area. The first is the Halloween Massacre. On November 1, 1948, a group of 9 adults and 11 children were found in a pile in the woods. They were all completely naked. No wounds could be seen and no cause of death could be determined. Since the massacre, lights in the forest could be seen on the night of the anniversary. Then fifty years to the day, four local college students walked into woods to try and find the lights. The students never came out of the woods. The police in the area gave up the search after only three weeks.

Would you go into these woods? You actually should because other than the screams frightening some people, there really isn’t anything paranormal in these woods that will harm you. The two mysteries I wrote above are just some internet legends I found in my research of Dering Woods. It just goes to show, just because its on the internet doesn’t mean its the truth.

If you want to hear of some truly terrifying woods, please go see my post about Aokigahara Forest. Two years ago I was able to check that off my paranormal bucket list. I still think about what my husband, two of his Marines, and myself experienced on that trip often.

Are their any haunted forests that you want to check out or that you have been to? Let me know in the comments below!

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