Best Laid Plans…

When I started planning to relaunch this blog three months ago, I had so many hopes. Not just for this blog but also for everything in general. I had hope COVID wise, we would be more back to the normal we use to have than we currently are. I also had no idea that the world would be going crazy with protests, conspiracy theories, and politics. The way things are currently is so far from where I imagined everything.

When I knew I wanted to relaunch this blog, I sat down and planned out how I wanted to do things. I planned the monthly and weekly themes, as well as all the individual post topics, all the way through February 2021. When I sat down to start writing August’s posts, it suddenly doesn’t feel appropriate anymore. Here in the States, August is typically when kids go back to school but with COVID, who knows if that is going to happen. I understand that it is a hard decision about what to do. Living in a college town, I am seeing the arguments and protests about whether the college should be in person vs online, what it means for the international students (which makes up a large portion of the students at this college), and what to do with all the out of town student who rented local apartments thinking there would be in-person classes but as of right now over 75% of the classes will be online. All my posts for August were about kids, childhood ghost stories, and haunted schools or colleges. It kind of feels wrong to blog about these topics with all the discussions and protests going on. Should I still write about these topics or should I turn my focus to something else in the paranormal world? Let me know your thoughts.

As I mentioned before, I had hope things would be more back to normal. I had hoped to be back to do investigations and teaching in person by now. Due to restrictions that our governor has put on our state, those things would be difficult to do. Traveling to some of the places I wanted to investigate or research in person is not possible. I was also counting on festivals, vendor events, etc to be happening again this fall. Everything through the end of the year has been canceled. Even the Halloween events that I was hoping to happen, have been canceled due to COVID. I understand the restrictions and respect them.

With all that being said, I am not giving up on this blog. I love writing about the paranormal and teaching people about the paranormal world. I also love teaching people about how to ethically ghost hunt. The topics and schedules I originally planned for this blog may be out the window, but I am still working hard to bring you interesting posts. I have taken my store down temporarily so I can move my items to an Etsy store. I am also working on making more YouTube videos. The last few attempts have been unsuccessful due to either the topic not working out like I thought it would (Randonautica) or having technical difficulties (Al likes to turn the camera off while recording in the house) or Illinois weather not allowing me to record outside.

Please let me know what you want to see in this blog or my YouTube videos. Let me know what questions you have about the paranormal or ghost hunting, what topics you want me to cover, or even tell me about your experiences. I want to hear what you have to say. Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message.

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