Making Some Spooky Plans

Things are getting exciting around here despite COVID trying to ruin things. I hope that y’all aren’t being affected by COVID and that life is starting to return somewhat to normal. Here in central Illinois, somethings are returning to a vague sense of normal and other things are going backwards. Places downtown are going back to outdoor seating only, and more businesses are enforcing the mask rules (which I appreciate). 

Despite all the COVID stuff going on, I am making plans for the next few months. Next month is my mom’s birthday. I was planning on flying down, but now we are talking about meeting halfway in Tennessee or West Virginia. I’m excited to see her and my sister. It’s been since Thanksgiving since I have seen Magan and since the beginning of March since I saw my mom. Of course, it feels a lot longer than that. 

Right before I go to meet them, however, I have something exciting planned. I have been talking to Ghostnet Paranormal about coming over to do an investigation at our house. I’ve spoken often about our spirits, and I would love to see if another team can back up our experiences. They will be coming in mid-September. They will be able to investigate the whole house. While Jeremy and I will be here for the investigation, we will be here only as clients and not as investigators. I don’t want us to accidentally push the investigation in one direction or another. We want them to come to their own conclusions about what they experience. I will be documenting their time here, and I will also let y’all know what they determine. 

Already, September is looking awesome, but I am also excited about October. In mid-October, I will be going to Ghost Con in Wisconsin. I bought tickets for Jeremy and me to attend the Saturday programs. We figured he should hopefully be able to at least get off for that. If he isn’t, I will still go. I am excited to see some of the speakers and to mingle with other paranormal enthusiasts. They are limiting the number of tickets being sold to make it safer for those who go. Let me know if any of y’all are coming out to Ghost Con. I would love to meet you. 

Towards the end of October, I will be attending a class at Joilet Junior College. A paranormal team, The Illinois Paranormalists, I follow on Facebook is teaching a seminar there. It’s a two-day class. The first evening is a class at the school that goes over their history and evidence, how to do an investigation, and how to use some of their tools. The second night is an investigation at a supposedly haunted location. I am interested in learning about their techniques and seeing what tools they use. Plus, I am excited to go on an investigation again after so long. Since Joilet is two hours each way, I’m going to spending the night up there the day of the classes. Also doing that because there are places up there that I want to check out up there. I am finally going to be able to go check Bachelor’s Grove!

I am hoping to plan a few more things for September and October. I have a few cemeteries I want to check out now that things seem to be cooling off a bit. Let me know if y’all have any suggestions for locations you want me to check out. I am also working on more Youtube videos. I will have a new one for next week. As I mentioned before, things at the house have been crazy, and Al hasn’t really been letting me film in the house.

How is your fall plans shaping up? Are you planning anything fun and interesting? Let me know in the comments below!

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