The Devil Was At Work And He Didn’t Want That Film Made

The two movies being discussed in today’s post seem to have an extra executive producer that isn’t mentioned in the credits. Both of these movies have been rumored to have had either the Devil himself or one of his demons involved in the film production. The amount of things that went wrong with both movies is part of the proof that people point to when making these claims. 

The Exorcist

I have written about the origins that the book and subsequent movie were based on in an earlier post. With all that went wrong during the movie’s filming, it is a surprise that they were even able to finish the movie. A fire destroyed most of the set. The only area not burned was Regan’s room. After the set was rebuilt, the sprinkler system broke, setting the filming schedule back another two weeks. Before filming even started, the unexplained or bizarre injuries began to occur from the very beginning. A carpenter helping to build the set cut his thumb off. A lighting technician lost one of his toes. Linda Blair, the actress playing Regan, suffered such a horrible accident during a stunt where the rigging broke while she was being thrown out of the bed. The accident injured her back to the point where she is still having issues with pain. In the scene where Ellen Burstyn, the actress who played Regan’s mother, screams when Reagan throws her down, the scream is Burstyn’s real scream in pain. Her back was tweaked so severely that she too is having problems with pain that have continued for years after the filming ended. Max Von Sydow, who played Father Merrin, became seriously ill while filming. 

And then there are all of the deaths that happened during or shortly after filming the movie. Jack MacGowran (the actor that played Burke Dennings) and Vasiliki Maliaros (the actress that played Father Karras’ mother) died after filming had finished. Both of their characters had been killed in the movie as well. Linda Blair’s grandfather died during filming. The first day that Max Von Sydow was to begin filming, his brother died. A camera’s wife gave birth during filming, but sadly, their baby died before filming had wrapped. The man who refrigerated the set died, and a janitor that worked on the set was murdered. An actor who played a nurse in the movie killed a reporter shortly after the filming had wrapped. When questioned, the actor couldn’t provide a motive for the killing. 

With everything going on, everyone on set was nervous about continuing the production. A priest was brought onto the set to give a blessing to everyone involved. After the blessing, things seem to calm down enough for them to finish the film. 

The Omen (1975 version)

I will admit that I have not seen the original version of The Omen. I saw the reboot when it came out on June 6, 2006, with my little sister, Magan, and (her boyfriend at the time) Miles. The reboot was really good, but I don’t think I’ve seen it since then. At the time, I didn’t know about the cursed history that the first one seems to have. 

Harvey Bernhard (one of the producers) claimed that the film would be cursed from the beginning. He said, “If you make this movie, you’re going to have some problems. If the Devil’s greatest weapon is to be invisible, and you’re going to do something to take his invisibility away to millions of people, he’s not going to want that to happen.” He later said, “The devil was at work, and he didn’t want that film made.”

This movie had so many odd and just out there events that happened that helped prove the claims of being cursed. Gregory Peck’s plane was struck by lightning. An executive, Marc Newfeld, was on a different flight that also was struck by lightning. While they were filming a zoo scene, the baboons being used in the scene began to react violently when the actor that played Damien was around. They wouldn’t listen to the animal trainer brought on to calm them down. During another scene, the rottweilers who were supposed to chase and attack a trainer in protective gear became excessively violent. They bit through the protective gear and refused to listen to the commands given by the trainer. 

This movie also had a few deaths associated with it. Just before filming began, Gregory Peck’s son committed suicide. A plane that was initially hired to film some aerial footage changed at the last moment to a different client. The plane crashed on takeoff, killing everyone aboard. John Richardson was a special effects technician that helped with a decapitation scene in the movie. One month after the film had been released, he was involved in a car crash where his passenger, Liz Moore, was decapitated. Near where the accident happened was a sign that read “Ommen 66.6km”.

Do you think that the Devil had a hand in making these movies or trying to stop them from being made? Let me know in the comments below. 

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