These Movies Are Haunted By Their Curses

Have you ever done something and later regret it? Yeah… I am never doing cursed movies as a theme ever again. Last week I worked really hard to write all the posts for this week, schedule social media posts, and started writing next week’s posts because I will be on vacation. You may have noticed that there was no post on Wednesday. I had a post scheduled, but it has disappeared from WordPress. I had this post planned for today, but the Poltergiest part disappeared. All the social media planned on Plannerly disappeared. And all the posts for next week I had started writing on Grammarly, and the pictures I had saved for the posts are also gone. One site I could understand. Two makes me think it may have been user error. Three or more just tells me I pissed something off… So if my site crashes this weekend, you know why. I will never cover this topic again. I am posting this because I don’t have time to research another topic while redoing everything for next week.

The films discussed in today’s post seem to have been so cursed that the Grim Reaper was closely following whoever tried to work on these films. There are at least eleven deaths associated with these films. The deaths caused at least one of the movies never to become a reality.


This movie would be movie was an adaptation of The Incomparable Atuk by Mordecai Richler. The story is about the culture shock an Inuit hunter experiences when he goes to New York City. The producers of the movie tried to get this film started had many setbacks. The main setback was that their leading actor choice always died before filming could begin. First, John Belushi read for the role, but he died a few months later at the Chateau Marmont. Then Sam Kinison was selected for the role, but he was killed in a car accident. John Candy was the next choice for the lead role until he died in his sleep while filming a different movie. Finally, Chris Farley expressed interest in the role in the months before his death from a drug overdose. 

Those wanting to be the lead actor in Atuk weren’t the only victims of the film’s curse. Michael O’Donoghue and Phil Hartman had read the scripts with some of the previously mentioned actors before their deaths. Michael O’Donoghue died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Phil Hartman was murdered in sleep by his wife. 

This film has currently been shelved. Most people think it is because of the curse. I wonder if those in Hollywood will try again to make this movie again.

The Poltergeist Series

When it comes to cursed movies, this series seems to take the cake. From bizarre incidents on set to a bunch of deaths associated with those that worked on the films, the history behind these movies seems creepier than the movies themselves. 

Most people point to the curse origins to a rumor that actress JoBeth Williams claimed that Steven Speilburg had used real skeletons in the first movie’s pool scene. Part of the reasoning was that real skeletons were cheaper to use and looked more realistic than ones that would have been created for the movie. Oliver Robins, who played the brother in the first two movies, said that he was nearly choked to death by the clown toy in the first movie. No one reacted first because everyone thought he was acting. Once Steven Speilburg realized what was going on, he jumped in and pulled the toy off of Oliver. The third Poltergeist movie seemed to be plagued with an unusual amount of earthquakes. Many credit the exorcism that Will Sampson performed on the set during the second movie’s filming to the relative quietness in odd occurrences in the third film. 

When it comes to the Poltergeist movies’ curse, though, most people focus on all the deaths associated with the films. Shortly after the first movie came out, Dominique Dunn (the actress who played the older sister) was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Shortly after filming for the third movie had wrapped, Heather O’Rouke (the actress that played Carol Anne) was rushed to the hospital. She was misdiagnosed with the flu and died on the operating table at just 12 years old. Julian Beck (the evil preacher actor from the second movie) killed himself after filming wrapped on the second Poltergeist movie. He had been suffering from stomach cancer before the movie filming started. Will Sampson, who played the shaman in the second film, died during a heart-lung surgery. During the filming of the third Poltergeist movie, Zelda Rubinstein’s mother passed away suddenly. 

Do you believe these movies were cursed? Have you heard of other cursed movies? Let me know in the comments below. 

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