Investigation At Our House (featuring Ghostnet Paranormal)

As you know, last week I was on vacation with my family. Before I left for vacation, though, we had Ghostnet Paranormal come out to our house for an investigation. While I have shared the ghostly going ons in our home with y’all for the two years or so, I felt that it would be best to have someone come out to verify our claims, so you know that what we share is legit. 

Before going into the investigation, I did have some nerves about it—one of the main ones being Rampu. I mentioned a while back (either here on here, YouTube, or TikTok) that Rampu had had his cord yanked out by the cats on accident. I took him to a local repair shop to have that repaired. I expected him to only be there for maybe a few days, but when I called to see when I could pick him up, Glenn (the owner) said that the lamp still wasn’t working correctly and that he had ordered a new part that controlled the touch feature. I hadn’t told him Rampu was a haunted lamp (that leads to a lot of awkward conversations and rejections) and wasn’t surprised that he thought that would be the issue. I agreed to let him change it out. Even though we have had a few people look at it in Iwakuni, I still was nervous that it was something technically wrong with him that caused him to turn and off by himself. He was at the shop for over a month before I was told I could come to pick him up. It was actually the day before the investigation when I picked him up. Glenn showed that the lamp would turn on and off properly when touched. Rampu seemed like a regular lamp. 

I brought him home and plugged him in. He turned on and off when I touched him. When Jeremy came home, Rampu turned on and off when he touched him too. We watched him most of the night, and nothing happened. I was starting to worry that he really was just a lamp with a faulty touch apparatus. The next day (the day of the investigation), I was sitting in the living room, working on some stuff when he suddenly turned on! I told him, “Welcome home, Rampu!” and he immediately turned off. A few minutes later, he turned back on and off again. I texted Jeremy to let him know. When he came home, he touched Rampu, who turned on and off as he suppose to. Jeremy believed me but wanted to see it for himself. Shortly before Ghostnet Paranormal came over, Rampu showed Jeremy that he is still a haunted lamp. 

That evening Matt, Jack, and Elena of Ghostnet Paranormal came over. We told them about the activity we experience at the house- the footsteps running from the office to the guestroom, Rampu turning on and off, Elizabeth bringing us luck, Al and his knocking, my dad visiting, and the interactions with Basement Demon. We also took them on a tour of the house. Elena said that she felt tingling in her feet in the basement as they had just gone to sleep even though she was standing. When they came up to the office, I showed them Al’s ring. All three of them felt the energy that came off of it. They set up their base in our dining room and started the investigation. They had a surveillance camera in the living room watching Rampu and one in the basement. Before they started their investigation, Elena saw a shadow walk in between her and Rampu. She couldn’t figure out what would naturally cause that shadow to pass between them, especially since Rampu was turned on at that point. Matt and Jack did check out Rampu and verified that he isn’t on a timer or plugged into a faulty outlet. 

While they began their investigation, Jeremy and I chilled out on the couch. This was the other part that made me nervous. I’m so used to being the investigator that I was uncomfortable with the client. I didn’t know what to do or how to act. Also, I was trusting strangers to be in the most private parts of our house and trusting them to be friendly to our spirits. It has been 6 years since the last time we had a paranormal team come in, and that was back in Jacksonville, NC. Our paranormal family has grown quite a bit since then. Thankfully, the members Ghostnet Paranormal were terrific to work with, and they respected everyone and everything in the house.

Matt and Elena decided to go up to my office first to do a spirit box session. They did a Facebook Live session that you can see here. They tried to talk to Elizabeth and Al. They got some hits on the K2 meter when they put the ring that Al is attached to near it. When they turned on the spirit box, a female was saying, “hi.” Then a moment later, they get either “yeah” or “Al.” Matt later says he got something creepy that came through the spirit box, but I couldn’t hear what it was. Later on, when Elena asks Elizabeth her favorite color, you can hear a female respond with what sounds like “color?” Elizabeth seemed to connect with Elena and allowed her to hear things that Matt, who was sitting right beside Elena, couldn’t hear. Overall, it appears that whoever was talking to them, they do like being with us and that at least one of them is here to protect us. 

After the spirit box session in the office, Matt decided to go down to the basement and see if he could interact with Basement Demon. He took a rempod with him and set it up in front of the camera. There is also a Facebook live of him being down there. Matt said that he could see something walking behind the camera, just pacing back and forth as he was down there. He said it was dark like a shadow. After a little bit, we let the cats go down into the basement to see if they could lure Basement Demon out. It’s the first time I’ve seen cats be sent in to be ghost hunters. They both went off-camera for a bit, and then they took turns turning the rempod on. Matt came back up and sent Jack down to investigate. He, too, saw something walking behind the camera and could hear something pacing back and forth. 

After a bit, they let Jeremy and I go down with their SLS. The SLS was surprisingly heavy. I will admit that going down to the basement with the lights off at night was terrifying for me. I don’t mind dark places, but when it’s to the point that I can’t see my hand in front of my face, I’m really uncomfortable. But I will suck it up and still go into places like that if I have to during an investigation. We could hear something walking around near us while we were down there but never getting close to the camera. We had a K2 meter sitting on the floor on the other side of the basement from us. At one point, something moved in front of the K2’s light and blocked it from my sight. Whatever was moving around down there was purposely avoiding the camera. 

When we came back up from the basement, Jeremy and I sat in the dining room with Jack to watch the camera’s while Elena and Matt walked around with the SLS. At one point, they saw two figures sitting on the couch that Jeremy and I usually sit on and seemed to be sitting like we typically do. While they were walking around, the three of us in the dining room started hearing thumping, shuffling, and bumping from the basement through the camera. No one was down there, including the cats, and Matt and Elena were upstairs walking around. As before, whatever was moving around was avoiding the camera. 

Before wrapping up for the evening, Elena and I went up to the office to do another spirit box session. We both sat on the floor by Elizabeth’s chair. Elena turned on the spirit box, but nothing happened for about ten minutes or so. She recommended that I take out my ovilus (which was conveniently put away near the chair) and see if anyone wanted to use it to talk to us. As usual, with turning it on, it spits out a couple of words, and the third one was Jackie. When my dad comes through, he says Jackie, which is a family nickname for him. It seemed as though he was struggling to use the ovilus, so we asked Al to try and help him. Al has helped us on previous investigations to teach spirits how to use our technology. Elena then turned the spirit box back on to see if they would have an easier talking through it. Almost immediately after she turns it on, we both heard a sonar pinging coming through. This is a sound that Al has done on oviluses before. We asked Al to try to use the spirit box to talk to us and to try to show Dad how to use it. We got an instant response of “different.” Elena tried to adjust the spirit box’s speed to make things easier, and the ovilus said, “hard.” So she set it back to regular speed. We were surprised to hear them trying to speak through both devices. We could see that Al was really trying to figure out the spirit box and teach my dad how to use it. Matt, Jeremy, and Jack came up to see what we were doing. They were impressed with what was happening. Both devices started saying Magan often. I decided to pull out my laptop to call her to see if Dad would talk to her through either device. She did get to speak to him for a little bit before her wifi went out, and the call was dropped. Shortly after that, Matt decided that it was time to wrap things up. I didn’t realize it was past 2am at that point and that Elena and I had been talking to Al and Dad for over an hour. As we were saying goodbye and goodnight to Al and Dad, the spirit box very clearly said, “Goodbye.” 

Ghostnet Paranormal is still going through all their footage and recordings. I understand how hard it is to review things while still dealing with jobs, family, and other commitments. When I have everything from them, I will share it with y’all. I can’t wait to see what all they got. Be sure to follow their social media in case they post some sneak peeks. 



***I wrote this post before double-checking their social media. They have videos up on Instagram! You can see a black orb manifesting in our living room when the lights were on, hear the audio clip where the sonar ping was done on the spirit box, and see Rampu turning on during the investigation by himself. Please go check them out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

I absolutely loved having Ghostnet Paranormal over. They were very knowledgable about what they do, respectful to our spirits and pets, and very clear with what they were doing and looking for. I would let them come back to investigate anytime they wanted to. While I was concerned that Basement Demon wasn’t happy with us bringing them over, I know that they meant no harm. 

While I don’t know this has anything to do with the investigation, we did experience something last night that caught both Jeremy and me off guard. We were sitting in the living room watching television while eating dinner. I had reached for my can of sprite and started to take a drink when Jeremy paused the show and said, “Can you reach for your sprite like you just did?” The tone of his voice and the way he was looking at the windows behind the television told me not to question it and just do it. So I put the can back where it was and reached for it again. Jeremy told me it wasn’t my reflection he had seen. While he explained that he had just seen what look like a person walk past one of the windows, I took a picture of the window with my phone. I was surprised to see a face in the window looking in. John Paul was outside on his lead, but he wasn’t barking, so we knew a living person wasn’t at that window. Jeremy went out to see how tall the person was looking in (the picture with the dog is Jeremy outside the window). Not only was the face no longer in the window when he while he was out there, but the figure had to have been over seven feet tall (Jeremy is 6 feet 1 inch tall). We don’t know if this is a new entity or a new manifestation of one of our other spirits. Either way, I was creeped out, and I said that out loud to Jeremy. Rampu immediately turned on by himself, and that actually soothed me. Whether or not this entity meant to scare us or not, it’s nice to know we have multiple spirits watching over us and protecting us. 

One thing I can say for sure is that our life is rarely quiet for long. Our spirits like to keep us on our toes, and most of them want to interact with those that come to visit them. Matt did bring up a good point during the investigation in the basement. Basement Demon may not be attached to the house. A large majority of the things we have down there is stuff from Japan. Neither Jeremy and I can remember the animals interacting with something in the months between when we moved into the house in July 2018 and when our household goods were delivered in September/ October 2018. Basement Demon may be actually attached to something we brought with us from Japan. That would explain why it seemed to interact with Katniss and Bagheera more than it did with Valar or John Paul. I hope we can figure out if that is the case or not before we start purging stuff before our move next year. 

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