We Are Alive. I Promise!

Octobers usually are my busy season because that is typically when everyone seems to be more focused on the paranormal, thanks to Halloween, but I was not expecting to be this busy, and it wasn’t even the paranormal that made things crazy. It was just life in general. I didn’t even realize that Halloween is in eight days (well, five days when this post goes live) until I saw something about Halloween on Facebook. This is honestly the first chance all month I have been able to sit down to my laptop to write. It feels so good to be back at my desk.

The chaos actually started just before October. The last week of September, Jeremy got sick. He came home from work on Friday, talking about feeling really dizzy. He was sick enough that I was able to convince him to go into the walk-in care. The doctor ran some tests and ruled out a sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, and the regular flu. The doctor said he didn’t think it was COVID but to get tested just to be sure. He said that if the test came back negative, it was just allergy-induced vertigo and that he would be fine in a couple of days when the farmers stop harvesting the corn. I took him so we could both get tested, and then we went home. The next morning Jeremy woke up feeling a bit better, and the health department had called to tell us our COVID tests were negative. So we went up to the outskirts of Chicago to check out some estate sales. By the beginning of the following week, he started developing fevers, feeling like udder crap, and coughing. Again he went to walk-in care, and again they said go get tested for COVID, but it was probably just allergies still or maybe a cold. Again his COVID test came back negative. On Wednesday, Jeremy’s flu-like symptoms transition into a full-on cold. I also started having cold symptoms and fevers. By Friday, though, we were both feeling better, but we still had coughs. We felt completely fine.

That same Friday, our friend Mike came down from Indiana. He stayed with us on Friday night. We all hung out with Mathew that night. The next day Mike stayed at Mathew’s house, and we all went over there for movies and card games. Sunday, we were supposed to hang out with them again before Mike went home, but Jeremy and I both woke up with fevers. We canceled our plans and stayed home. I was still running a fever on Monday, so I went to walk-in care to be tested for COVID just in case. Again the test came back negative. Tuesday, I woke up feeling fine.

Thursday, though, I woke up and realized I couldn’t smell my mint chapstick. I went downstairs and immediately shoved my nose in the bag of ground coffee. I couldn’t smell anything. I went back to walk-in care and told them that I lost my sense of smell. They gave me another COVID test, and I went home. The next morning, the doctor’s office called me and told me the test was positive. Then came the long and embarrassing task of contacting everyone I had come in contact with in the two weeks prior to my last test and tell them to get tested. I felt like complete crap that I may have gotten someone else sick or that I had let my guard down for a weekend to eat in a sit-down restaurant with friends or go bowling. Some friends were understanding, but I think this may have hurt two friendships because I haven’t really spoken to them since they said their tests came back negative. Absolutely everyone I came in contact with came back with negative tests. Even Jeremy got another negative test. The health department said that I could isolate to one section of the house away from Jeremy since he was still testing negative. I stayed in our room, and he brought me food and snacks.

Thankfully I only had to isolate for a week since my temperature stayed normal since before I tested positive. I mostly read, slept, and watched television during that time. When I’m sick, I don’t touch my tarot cards, and I didn’t want to have to disinfect my laptop or my office if I did any work. It honestly felt so weird being in isolation while not feeling sick at all. I wasn’t even coughing anymore. I don’t know if I was cursed with a false positive or if I really did have COVID, but just an extremely mild case.

While Mike was in town, we finally heard back from the monitor about where we are moving to next. If you follow me on social media, you know that we found out that we are headed next to Miramar near San Diego, California. I will admit that I was initially disappointed because I really wanted East Coast to be closer to family and familiar things. But in the weeks since I heard where we are going, I have been researching the area, and I am starting to get excited about all the new adventures (both paranormal and normal) that we will be able to explore. Plus, it turns out that we will already know some folks out there. Two (possibly three) recruiting families from our district will be out there. Plus, I have some high school friends in San Diego. And my Sister Wife lives near there so I will finally get to meet her!!!

After I was freed from isolation, I needed to work on getting the house back in order and redisinfect the whole house. Honestly, this week I have been working on that still. It’s finally mostly caught back up. I learned I couldn’t afford to take a week off from cleaning without everything going sideways. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate absolutely everything that Jeremy did for me while I was in isolation, but there was no way he could keep up with dishes, pet toys everywhere, dirty clothes, or general errand running while dealing with his recruiting hours. It helped me realize that I am needed. I know that others like me (housewife with no kids) wonder if we really are important or contribute enough to the household since our efforts can’t really be measured in a tangible way.

This past weekend Jeremy and I were supposed to go up to Wisconsin for Ghost Con, but it was canceled thanks to the pandemic and political atmosphere. So instead, we went up to Chicago for the weekend. My next post will be about our trip. I do want to say that even though the picture for this post shows us without masks, we only took them off to take a quick picture. Everyone visiting Cloud Gate was giving people huge amounts of space so they could take maskfree pictures. We were masked whenever we weren’t in our hotel room, and I took lots of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.

This week I have been busy cleaning and job hunting. This move to California will be expensive, even with the military paying for most of it. Jeremy needs a car, and I either need to get a more fuel-efficient car or ship Casper to San Diego because she will not make it over the Rockies. We are also thinking about living off base, which means deposits, pet fees, and all that fun stuff. So to help with the cost, I am getting a job. Surprisingly I already got hired by the first place I had an interview. Actually, by the time this goes live, I will be clocking in for my first day at the dealership, where I will be a cashier. I will still be blogging as much as I can.

Speaking of blogging and paranormal events, I have had somethings be canceled, and new things pop up. The college class I was going to take up in Joliet was canceled. But on Halloween night, Jeremy and I will be in Indiana with my new paranormal team for an investigation at the Fowler Theater and Old Jail. Yes, I am on a new paranormal team. They know that I am leaving in about a year. I am the Lead Investigator and trainer for Wickedly Wonderful Investigations. I have chatted with some of the team members via Facebook, and I am so excited to meet them in person in a few days. The team comprised of about a dozen people with various skills and talents that will be useful for a successful team. They will have investigations every month. They already have one scheduled for November, and the Chief Investigator/ Founder is working hard to schedule the next few months’ investigations. She is working on getting the team’s social media pages together. As soon as those are available, I will share them with y’all.

I want to say thank you for your patience and understanding during this month. I also want to say thank you for all the get-well wishes and congratulations y’all have sent. I have been trying to respond to all the messages, but there are some I haven’t been able to yet. I’m sorry. Y’all have been amazing, and I appreciate y’all so much.

Well, I am off to make dinner. I hope y’all have an amazing week.

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