This Week’s Theme: Massachusetts

This weeks theme is the great state of Massachusetts! Over the years I have been Massachusetts many times. My Uncle Rick and his family lived down the street from Dr. Seuss’ house. I’m actually working on going back to Massachusetts next month around Halloween with my sister-in-law, Reba! I will let y’all know if we are able to get that worked out. 

I have been to Salem before with Uncle Rick and his family. I remember how powerful it was to hear the stories about the Witch Trials there and to tour some of the homes in the area. While we were in Salem, we were able to part of a focus group that got to see Hocus Pocus the year before it came out. There were scenes in the version we saw that were cut out of the version released in theaters. The one that sticks out in my mind the most was a scene where the Sanderson sisters were in the graveyard passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. The candy had a potion that would allow Sarah’s song to lure the kids to the Sanderson house. Without this scene, it just seems like Sarah could have called the kids at anytime and they wouldn’t have had to waste so much time chasing Max and the others around town. 

To get you into the mood for spooky locations in Massachusetts, check out these posts below that talk about haunted locations in Massachusetts. 

This Room Is Still Occupied

They Don’t Come In Peace

Just a quick note, Monday’s post with come out on Tuesday this week. I’m sorry. Last week was crazy and I got behind on my writing. Wednesday’s and Friday’s post will come out as normal. So please be sure to come back Tuesday morning for my next post! Have a great week y’al

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