Restless In The Afterlife

The timing of this decision couldn’t be more perfect. This past weekend my sister-in-law, Reba, and I decided that we are going to road trip to Salem, Massachusetts in a month! That combined with the other plans I have for October means a VERY busy month for this paranormal blogger. I can’t wait! I just hope I can survive this Mercury Retrograde. So far this shadow period has been kicking my butt. Hopefully this Retrograde is kinder to you than it has been to me so far. 

As mentioned on Sunday, this week’s posts are about haunted places Massachusetts! Today’s post is about two cemeteries I hope I get to visit while Reba and I are in Salem and Boston. I’ll let you know next month if I am successful.


King’s Chapel Burying Ground is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It was established in 1630 after the land was given to the city by Isaac Johnson who wanted to buried in what use to be his pumpkin patch. This cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Boston. For the first 200 years or so, graves were placed in the cemetery haphazardly. In 1810, the graves were dug up and placed in a way to make the cemetery look more uniform with neat rows. The moving of the graves has caused a lot of spirit activity.

For years, people have reported a wide variety of paranormal activity in King’s Chapel Burying Ground. People have reported feeling cold spots and cold chills while walking through the cemetery. People have also reported hearing voices coming from between the headstones but no one is near the area they hear the voices. Others have reported being touched, grabbed, pushed and tripped in the cemetery by unseen hands. Visitors have said that when they try to pictures, unexplained flashes of light will appear in the picture. Shadow people have also been reported often. 

In addition to all this activity, there are two well known ghosts that have been experienced often in the cemetery. The first is a gentleman who was tragically buried alive in the 1820s, by his family who wanted his property. When his coffin was dug up and opened, the city folks saw the claw marks he had left in the lid of the coffin, showing that he was buried alive. Visitors say that they can hear his chilling screams from the ground as they walk around the cemetery. The other well known spirit is that seen in King’s Chapel Burying Ground. She is the spirit of an African American woman who is seen roaming the cemtery. She’ll be easy to spot. She’s the spirit who’s missing a head. Legend says the carpenter who made her coffin, accidentally made it too short for the poor woman. Not wanting to creat a second coffin, the carpenter instead decides to cut off her head and places it between her legs in the coffin and that was how she was buried. Clearly this has upset the woman. She has been seen often over the years wondering without her head. I wonder if her coffin was moved in 1810 and that’s why she is seen wondering with her head. She is sadly but understandably very angry and very hostile. Perhaps she is one of the sprirts that have been know to push or trip visitors there?


Copp’s Hill Burying Ground is the second oldest cemetery in Boston. It was established in 1660. It was originally called North Burying Ground but it was changed to Copp’s Hill Burying Ground in honor of William Copp who donated land for the cemetery.More than 1,000 African Americans (most were former slaves) were buried in the “black” section of the cemetery. That section of the cemetery would later be dug up and moved without their grave markers to make way for Snowhill Street. When the British soldiers were in the area for the Revolutionary War, they would test their cannons and muskets by using the headstone as target practice. This two big events like cause much of the paranormal activity that happens in the cemetery. 

Shadow people is the most common report that the cemetery workers receive. Most people think this could be the displaced African American spirits that are looking for their proper graves. As with the previous part of the post, strange lights have been seen in the cemetery, typically in photos. People have heard crying through out the cemetery. Cotton Mather has been seen and heard crying in the cemetery. Increase Mather have repeatedly been reported to torment visitors. People have also said that disembodied faces have appeared in their photos.

Do you think the graves being moved in both cemeteries help caused the activity that is being experienced? Have you been to either of these cemeteries? If so, did you have any experiences? Let me know in the comments below. 

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