The Show Still Goes On

After dealing with all the shutdowns and whatnot going on for the past year and half, its nice that things are finally starting to get back to a sort of normal we remember from pre-pandemic times. While I haven’t had a chance to go to a movie theater yet since things have opened back up, according to some people the dead haven’t stopped going to a couple of theaters in Oregon. I wonder if the spirits are wondering where all the guests are and why shows haven’t been happening for the past few months. 


The first theater we are going to talk about is the Liberty Theater in Astoria, Oregon. The theater was built in 1925 after the devastating fire that happened on December 8, 1922. The fire destroyed over 30 blocks of the downtown area. The theater was a symbol of Astoria coming back to life after the fire. It was called a 1920s vaudeville- motion picture palace that hosted entertainers such as Duke Ellington, Jack Benny, and Guy Lombardo. Now a days though, some of the visitors are coming to Liberty Theater with the hopes of seeing one of the spirits that are known to roam the theater. 

The main ghost that visitors and staff experience the most is a spirit by the name of Handsome Paul. He has been seen in several parts of the theater. He is dressed formally in a white tuxedo and a panama hat. He is known to mess with things around the theater. He will turn the soda fountains and the popcorn machines on in the middle of the night after the staff has already cleaned them and shut them off for the night. He will also unscrew knobs off the appliances. Knocking on doors, slamming doors, and making the door knobs rattle are some of the other activity associated with Handsome Paul. Staff members have also said that he is known to move items such as keys, wallets, or pens. 

Handsome Paul isn’t the only spirit seen around the theater. The apparitions of two men wearing top hats have been seen walking through the theater and sitting in the audience. There has also been the spirit of an elderly woman seen in the audience. They seem to be interested in the shows and not wanting to cause mischief. 

I really love how formal these ghosts are in their clothing. I wish we could go back to dressing up for things like going to the movies. I also wish we could bring back women wearing gloves (I’m not talking about rubber gloves that have become the norm for some people in this pandemic) or using calling cards when visiting people. I really think I was born in the wrong decade. 


About three hours south of Liberty Theater in Lebanon, Oregon is another haunted theater called Kuhn Cinema. Built in 1932, Kuhn Cinema has always been a family friendly cinema. So much so that the spirit of a little girl has decided to stay there in the afterlife. 

This little girl has been seen throughout the cinema dressed in a white dress. She has been seen sitting in the audience of the theater, on the stairs going up to the projection booth, and in the women’s bathroom. Staff says that when they are in the projection room, they often have the sensation of being hugged around the waist. They also say that lights will turn on and off by themselves. Staff and visitors have both reported hearing footsteps running and a child giggling when no one else is around. Doors like to open and close by themselves as does the safe. Legend says that the little girl died when she fell from the balcony but the problem with that theory is that Kuhn Cinema has never had a balcony. 

This post wraps up our week checking out spooky place in Oregon. Come back Sunday to see what locations we will be talking about next week. We will be going more East Coast-ish. Let me know what your guesses are in the comments below. See y’all next week! 

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